19 Awesome Tools and Supplies to Encourage Young Gardeners


Gardening is a fantastic activity for children, as it helps them develop motor skills, learn responsibility, and experience the rewards of their labor. To encourage young gardeners, it’s important to equip them with the right tools and supplies. Here’s a list of 19 awesome items that will inspire children while they savor the joys of gardening.

1. Child-sized Gardening Gloves: Protect little hands with colorful and comfortable gloves designed specifically for children.

2. Mini Garden Tools: Smaller-sized tools like spades, trowels, and rakes will give kids the chance to participate without straining themselves.

3. Kid-Friendly Pruner: A lightweight yet effective pruner helps children trim plants without being too cumbersome.

4. Watering Can: An easy-to-carry watering can with fun shapes and colors makes for an enjoyable watering routine.

5. Seedlings Starter Kit: Get things growing indoors with a kid-friendly seedling starter kit, complete with biodegradable pots and soil pods.

6. Kids’ Gardening Apron: A cute apron will keep young gardeners clean and organized as it protects clothing from dirt.

7. Children’s Wheelbarrow: A child-sized wheelbarrow will help transport gardening materials while also building physical strength.

8. Plant Markers: Alongside seeds or seedlings, colorful markers help keep track of what’s been planted where – an excellent tool for memory development.

9. Sun Hat: Protect little ones from sun exposure during long gardening sessions by giving them a stylish sun hat featuring their favorite print or color.

10. Kids Gardening Books: Inspiring books packed with information about gardening basics make learning engaging and fun.

11. Insect House or Hotel: An insect habitat introduces kids to the essential role of pollinators in their garden ecosystem.

12. Compost Bin or Worm Farm: Convert kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich compost with a system children can monitor and maintain.

13. Soil Test Kit: Teach kids about plant nutrition and soil qualities with an easy-to-use testing kit.

14. Gardening Journal: A journal for their gardening adventures is great for tracking progress and recording memories.

15. Plant-Themed Crafts: Crafting kits for making garden-inspired art keep children immersed in gardening even when they’re indoors.

16. Stepping Stones: Creative projects help children personalize their garden – DIY stepping stone kits are perfect for this purpose.

17. Grow Tent or Greenhouse: Children can experiment by creating a controlled environment in which to grow various plants, like a miniature greenhouse or grow tent.

18. Solar-Powered Garden Lights: Teach kids about renewable energy by incorporating solar-powered lights into their backyard oasis.

19. Gardening Workshops or Classes: Encourage continuous learning by signing your child up for local gardening workshops or classes designed for youngsters.


Cultivating a passion for gardening early in life benefits children in countless ways, including promoting healthy eating habits, fostering a sense of responsibility, and building confidence in their abilities. Providing them with these 19 awesome tools and supplies ensures that they’re well-equipped to embrace the art of gardening with enthusiasm and joy.

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