19 Black Teachers on Instagram to Listen To and Learn From

In an age where it’s increasingly important to amplify black voices and continuously learn from them, following educators who provide unparalleled knowledge and insights is essential. Instagram serves as a platform for numerous black teachers who are transforming the world one post at a time. Here is a list of 19 black teachers on Instagram that deserve your attention. Follow them to listen to their valuable thoughts and learn from their experiences.

1. Kayla White (@educatorwhocares) – A passionate high school teacher who shares her daily classroom activities and advocates for inclusive education.

2. Shelley-Ann Hercules (@teachingwithshelleyann) – As an elementary school teacher, Shelley-Ann focuses on literacy, wellness, and self-care in education.

3. Eric Holloway (@mrehollowayteaches) – Eric discusses the importance of diversity representation within education in his engaging primary grade lessons.

4. Michael Bonner (@MichaelBonner_) – An inspiring teacher who uplifts marginalized students and creates a positive impact within his community.

5. Dwayne Reed (@teachmrmreed) – This energetic teacher loves using rap music to teach his students about American history.

6. Jasmine Mathews (@jasmine.styled.teacher) – Jasmine advocates for representation in children’s literature through her captivating classroom reads.

7. Tanésha Burkett (@Dope_BlackEducator) – A special education teacher who passionately shares information about equity in special education.

8. Tiffany Michaela (@littleblackteacher) – Tiffany supports other educators by sharing resources for culturally responsive teaching practices.

9. Andrea Green (@andradieteaches) – An inspiring educator who shares strategies for promoting self-love among black students.

10. Chelsey-Rai Collins (@theoffbeatteacher) – Chelsey-Rai brings whimsical creativity to her students as an advocate of performing arts education.

11. Lotasha Thomas (@allthingseducating) – A dedicated teacher focused on creating equitable learning experiences for students of color.

12. Justin Lofton (@thelitloft) – An English teacher who shares his love for culture, language, and literature in the classroom.

13. Rania Hassan (@millennialsdoteach) – Rania is committed to educating her followers on the importance of community service and social justice.

14. Damitra Brown (@theblackschoolpsychologist) – Damitra provides resources and collaborates with parents to develop effective support networks for black students.

15. LaTrell Jefferies (@thespellmanscholar) – LaTrell provides a warm environment where she emphasizes academic excellence for all learners.

16. Brandi Crawford (@mrsbcjourney) – A thoughtful educator who highlights the importance of mental and emotional health in child development.

17. Alicia Raymer (@plantsprotocolsandpurpose) – Alicia discusses how to make science inclusive and relatable to minority students.

18. Cierra Kaler-Jones (@cierrakalerjones) – A former Miss America contestant, now an education equity consultant and Ph.D. student sharing her insights on race equity in education through research.

19. Shamirrah Hill (@teachlikeher) – Shamirrah promotes self-expression and creativity among her middle schoolers while focusing on celebrating the richness of diverse cultures.

These 19 black teachers on Instagram showcase their wisdom, creativity, and passion for education daily. By following them and engaging with their posts, we can all learn from their lived experiences, teaching practices, and advocacy efforts. Expand your knowledge, grow as an individual, and support these influential educators today by listening to their voices and learning from them.

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