19 Preschool Math Games and Activities To Start Them Off Right

  1. Counting Fingers: Encourage preschoolers to count their fingers and recognize numbers.
  2. Number Hopscotch: Draw a hopscotch grid and place numbers in each square for children to jump and count.
  3. Shape Sorting: Provide different shapes and ask children to sort them into the correct categories.
  4. Pattern Matching: Create patterns using blocks or toys and ask children to continue the sequence.
  5. Number Hunt: Hide numbers around the room and have children search for them, calling out the numbers as they find them.
  6. Measure with Unifix: Use unifix cubes to measure various objects and compare their lengths.
  7. Number Line Hop: Draw a number line on the floor and have children hop to different numbers.
  8. Domino Addition: Use dominoes to introduce basic addition concepts by counting the dots on each side.
  9. Roll and Count: Roll a dice and have children count the dots, then move that number of spaces on a board game.
  10. Shape Tracing: Provide shape templates for children to trace and color.
  11. Sensory Counting: Fill a sensory bin with small objects and have children count and sort them by color or shape.
  12. Ten Frame Match-up: Create ten frame cards and have children match the correct number of objects to each frame.
  13. Money Sorting: Introduce coins and have children sort them by value or shape.
  14. Counting Songs: Sing songs like “Five Little Monkeys” or “Counting to Ten” to reinforce counting skills.
  15. Number Puzzles: Use number puzzles to help children recognize and sequence numbers.
  16. Shape Scavenger Hunt: Send children on a scavenger hunt to find objects that match specific shapes.
  17. Roll and Subtract: Similar to roll and count, but subtract the number rolled from a starting number.
  18. Measure with Non-standard Units: Use objects like paper clips or cotton balls to measure the length or weight of different items.
  19. Number Bingo: Play Bingo using numbers to help children recognize and match numerals.

These activities will engage preschoolers in math concepts while making it fun and interactive for them to learn!

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