19 Teacher-Approved First Grade Workbooks to Boost Learning

In first grade, workbooks can be a helpful tool to boost learning and reinforce essential skills. With a wide variety of options available, it can be challenging to choose the right workbooks for your child. To make your selection easier, we have compiled a list of 19 teacher-approved first-grade workbooks that are highly recommended for enhancing your child’s learning experience.

  1. “First Grade Super Math Success” by Sylvan Learning: This workbook focuses on building math skills through engaging activities and exercises.
  1. “Phonics for First Grade” by School Zone: Designed to develop phonics skills, this workbook helps children improve their reading and spelling abilities.
  1. “Scholastic Success with Reading Comprehension” by Scholastic Teaching Resources: Enhance reading comprehension skills through carefully curated passages and questions.
  1. “First Grade Writing Workshop” by Lucy Calkins: This comprehensive workbook provides a structured approach to teaching writing skills, including grammar and sentence structure.
  1. “Spectrum First Grade Spelling Workbook” by Spectrum: Strengthen spelling skills using a variety of engaging activities and word exercises.
  1. “Grammar and Punctuation, Grade 1” by Carson Dellosa Education: This workbook focuses on teaching essential grammar and punctuation rules in a fun and interactive way.
  1. “DK Workbooks: Science, First Grade” by DK: Discover the wonders of science with this workbook featuring hands-on experiments and captivating illustrations.
  1. “Big First Grade Workbook” by School Zone: Covering a wide range of subjects, including math, reading, and writing, this workbook offers a comprehensive review of first-grade skills.
  1. “Scholastic Success with Sight Words” by Scholastic Teaching Resources: Improve sight word recognition and fluency with this engaging workbook.
  1. “First Grade Brain Quest Workbook” by Workman Publishing: Packed with curriculum-based exercises, this workbook provides a fun and challenging learning experience.
  1. “First Grade Vocabulary Puzzles” by Educate & Learn Publishing: Expand vocabulary skills through a variety of puzzles and word games.
  1. “Sight Words Flashcards” by Trend Enterprises Inc.: These flashcards are an excellent supplement to reinforce sight word recognition and improve reading fluency.
  1. “Word Problems Grade 1” by Kumon Publishing: Enhance math problem-solving skills through a series of word problems tailored for first-grade students.
  1. “First Grade Basics” by Thinking Kids: This workbook covers essential academic skills, including math, reading, and writing, in an engaging and creative manner.
  1. “Scholastic Success with Math, Grade 1” by Scholastic Teaching Resources: Develop math skills with this workbook featuring various math concepts and practice exercises.
  1. “First Grade Vocabulary Words Flashcards” by Carson Dellosa Education: Strengthen vocabulary skills through interactive flashcards designed specifically for first-grade students.
  1. “First Grade Big Fun Workbook” by Highlights Learning: This workbook offers a mix of learning activities, including puzzles, games, and crafts, to make learning enjoyable.
  1. “Addition and Subtraction, Grade 1” by Kumon Publishing: Master basic addition and subtraction skills with this workbook designed to build a strong foundation in math.
  1. “First Grade Word Search Puzzles” by Busy Hands Books: Have fun while practicing reading and word recognition skills with a collection of exciting word search puzzles.

These teacher-approved first-grade workbooks are designed to support your child’s learning journey and promote educational growth. Consider incorporating them into your child’s study routine to provide valuable resources and reinforce essential skills. Happy learning!

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