20 Cup Team-Building Activities


Team-building activities are critical to establish trust, improve communication, and encourage collaboration among coworkers. One unique approach is utilizing simple materials such as cups to create engaging team-building exercises. Here are 20 cup team-building activities that will bring energy, excitement, and cohesion to any group.

1. Cup Pyramid

Have teams work together to build the tallest pyramid using only cups. The team with the highest pyramid in the given time wins.

2. Blindfolded Cup Stack

Each member is blindfolded, and they must stack a series of cups without seeing. The team with the highest tower wins.

3. Cup Tower Relay

Teams compete against each other to build a tower by passing cups from one person to another without dropping any.

4. Cup Flip Challenge

Place a cup upside down on a table’s edge. The goal is to flip it by flicking its rim so that it lands upright. Each team member must complete this task successfully before moving on to the next person.

5. Cups and Rubber Bands

Teams use rubber bands stretched between two team members to lift cups and stack them in a designated area.

6. Cup Balance

Each team member balances a cup on their forehead while completing an obstacle course created by other participants.

7. Speed Stacking Race

A race where each person stacks cups according to a designated pattern as quickly as possible.

8. Cup Pong Tournament

Set up beer pong games (with water) between teams, tournament-style.

9. Blindfolded Cup Catch

One blindfolded teammate tosses cups into the air, while another tries to catch them mid-flight using only their voice as guidance.

10. Rolling Cups Relay

Teammates roll plastic cups across the room without touching them, trying to get it into a goal area in a relay fashion.

11. Cup Word Search

Each team is given a set of cups, each with a letter on it. Team members must find a secret word by arranging the cups in the correct sequence.

12. Cup-Stack Memory Game

A facilitator arranges cups in various patterns and displays them to teams for 10 seconds. Teams must then reproduce the pattern from memory.

13. Pass the Cups

Teams line up and pass cups, filled with a small amount of water, from one end of their line to the other without spilling.

14. Floating Cups

Teams create floating devices using only plastic cups and tape. Devices are tested on water to see whose creation supports the most weight.

15. Human Tabletop

Teammates hold hands and use their feet to lift a cup from the ground to a designated area while in tabletop position.

16. Cup Shuffle

One teammate has to rearrange shuffled cups into a particular color pattern, with teammates only able to observe and give guidance.

17. Cup Transfer Relay

In this relay, teams transfer water from one bucket to another using only cups passed between team members.

18. Human Crane

Team members hold hands while one person maneuvers like a crane to grab cups using only their head.

19. Cup Stacking Charades

Teams take turns acting out occupation-themed charades using cup towers as props eg: architect, engineer, construction worker, etc.

20. Escape The Cups!

A room is filled with cups turned upside down on tables, floors, and shelves – but only one cup holds the key to escape! Teams search for that specific cup allowing them out of the room.


These 20 cup team-building activities are designed to be exciting, engaging, and accessible — utilizing simple materials while creating lasting bonds among team members. Give these activities a try at your next company retreat it.

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