20 High School English Activities You’ll Want To Try ASAP

  1. 1. Book club discussions with assigned readings and analysis.
  2. 2. Writing and performing original plays or skits.
  3. 3. Poetry slam events or open mic nights.
  4. Creating a student-run literary magazine or blog.
  5. Debate tournaments on various contemporary topics.
  6. Organizing a themed literary costume party.
  7. 7. Collaborative storytelling or role-playing games.
  8. Hosting author visits or inviting guest speakers.
  9. Character analysis through journaling or character diaries.
  10. Literary treasure hunts or scavenger hunts.
  11. Creating book trailers or short films based on novels.
  12. Mock trial activities based on famous literary trials.
  13. Designing and participating in a school-wide spelling bee or vocabulary competition.
  14. Peer-editing workshops or writing circles.
  15. Researching and presenting on diverse literary movements or time periods.
  16. 16. Dramatic readings or performance of classic plays or scenes.
  17. Writing and publishing short stories or novellas.
  18. Unveiling and analyzing hidden messages in advertisements or media campaigns.
  19. Hosting a Shakespearean festival or performing his plays.
  20. Organizing book drives or conducting charitable projects related to literacy.

Remember to expand upon each activity in your article, highlighting its benefits, objectives, and potential impact on high school English students.


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