20 Remembrance Day Activities for Elementary Students

1. Poppy Collages: Have students gather materials like tissue paper, construction paper, and glue to design colorful poppy collages as a tribute to fallen soldiers.

2. Acrostic Poems: Encourage students to write an acrostic poem using the word “REMEMBRANCE,” where each letter starts a new line of the poem.

3. Thank You Letters: Have students write heartfelt thank you letters to veterans and active service members expressing their gratitude for their sacrifices.

4. Poster Contest: Organize a school-wide poster contest with themes surrounding Remembrance Day, encouraging students to incorporate symbols like poppies and doves.

5. Themed Bookmarks: Allow students to design and create bookmarks with Remembrance Day imagery and quotes.

6. Moment of Silence: Teach students the importance of observing a moment of silence on Remembrance Day at 11:00 am by explaining its significance.

7. Read-Aloud Time: Select age-appropriate books that explore the themes of Remembrance Day, and read them aloud in class.

8. War Memorial Field Trip: Arrange a trip to your local war memorial, where students can learn about their community’s history and pay their respects.

9. Reciting “In Flanders Fields”: Teach the famous poem “In Flanders Fields” by John McCrae and have students perform a choral recitation in unison.

10. History Lesson: Provide a brief history lesson on the origins of Remembrance Day so that students understand the importance behind the commemorations.

11. Symbolic Poppy Garden: Invite your class to create a garden using red cupcake liners as poppies, signifying remembrance and honoring those who served.

12. Hero Biography Presentations: Assign each student a historical figure or veteran and have them research and present their hero’s story to the class.

13. Wartime Songs: Teach students wartime songs and have them perform a mini-concert in honor of Remembrance Day.

14. Peace Dove Art Project: Have students create doves out of construction paper, representing peace and hope for a brighter future.

15. Classroom Wreath: As a group project, have students collaborate on making a Remembrance Day wreath from paper poppies or handprints.

16. Daily Journal Prompt: Introduce daily journal prompts about themes related to Remembrance Day, prompting students to reflect on gratitude, sacrifice, and the importance of remembering the past.

17. Question & Answer Session: Invite a veteran or service member into your classroom for an engaging question and answer session, allowing students to gain firsthand insight into the experiences of those who have served their country.

18. Flag Folding Ceremony: Teach students how to properly fold a flag while discussing its symbolism and significance in relation to Remembrance Day.

19. Classroom Discussion: Facilitate a classroom discussion on the importance of respecting and honoring veterans, encouraging students to share their thoughts and feelings.

20. Time Capsule Activity: Have your class create a time capsule with letters or artwork expressing what Remembrance Day means to them, sealing it up to be opened years later as a reminder of their understanding and appreciation for this important day.

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