20 Winter Writing Prompts and Activities

Here’s our list of fun winter writing prompts:

  • My favorite thing about winter is

Use this fun prompt to encourage your students to write a short paragraph about their favorite thing about winter. This simple prompt is perfect for beginning or ending your lessons.

  • If I could live anywhere in the world during wintertime, I would live in

This great prompt will encourage your students to think outside the box. They can use this prompt to help them describe the place they would like to live.

  • My favorite winter memory is

This prompt can be a simple sentence starter or part of a more considerable writing activity about winter.

  • Imagine you’re a snowman and write about your life.

This fun prompt will encourage your students to think about the perspective of inanimate objects. For example, they could start their paragraph with: “If I were a snowman….”

  • During winter, I like to

This prompt is a nice and simple one. Your students could write about a tradition they like to do during wintertime or something they do with their family in winter.

  • The best/worst things about winter

This prompt can be used to help your students write lists. They could also explain and describe their reasoning behind winter’s best and worst things.

  • Write about a snowy day.

Encourage your students to think back to the last day they saw snow. Then, they could write about their actions, such as playing in the snow. If your students haven’t experienced snow, they can write about what they imagine it like.

  • Write instructions about how to make a snowman for someone who has never made a snowman before.

This fun writing prompt will test your students’ ability to write clear instructions in chronological order.

  • If you participated in the Winter Olympics, which sport would you participate in and why?

This fun prompt is great for your sports lovers.

  • Write about what it would be like to live in an Igloo.

Your students could describe the setting, the igloo, the weather, and more.

  • What activities do you like to do during winter?

This simple prompt is excellent as your students can draw on personal experiences to inspire them.

  • When I look out the window during winter, I see

This fun prompt will improve your students’ descriptive writing. You could use this prompt as a homework assignment or classroom activity.

  • This winter, my family will

This prompt encourages students to write about their plans with their families.

  • Write a short story: “It was a dark and stormy night.”

This prompt is perfect for encouraging your students to write a short story.

  • Imagine you are going on a trip to the North Pole and writing a short story.

This prompt is perfect for lessons before winter break.

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