21 Spooky-Cheap Halloween Decorations for Teachers on a Budget

Halloween is just around the corner, and as a teacher on a budget, you might be wondering how you can bring a festive atmosphere to your classroom without breaking the bank. Well, fear not! We have compiled a list of 21 spooky-cheap Halloween decorations that will transform your classroom into a hauntingly fun space. So, let’s get started!

  1. Paper Bats: Cut out bat shapes from black construction paper and hang them from the ceiling or tape them onto walls and windows.
  1. Ghost Garland: Create a spooky ghost garland using white tissue paper or cardstock. Cut out ghost shapes and string them together with some yarn.
  1. Toilet Paper Roll Monsters: Save those empty toilet paper rolls and turn them into adorable little monsters. Paint them in different colors and add googly eyes and pipe cleaners for extra fun.
  1. Spider Webs: Decorate your walls with spider webs made out of white yarn or paper. Add some plastic spiders for an extra creepy touch.
  1. Halloween Wreath: Create a Halloween wreath using a foam ring, black ribbon, and some spooky decorations like plastic spiders, bats, or ghosts.
  2. DIY Luminaries: Make your own spooky luminaries by decorating empty glass jars with cut-out Halloween silhouettes and placing a tealight inside.
  3. Candy Corn Garland: Cut out triangles from yellow, orange, and white construction paper and string them together to create a candy corn garland.
  4. Witch Hat Centerpieces: Turn witch hats into centerpieces by filling them with Halloween-themed treats like mini pumpkins, plastic spiders, or candy.
  5. Mummy Door: Wrap your classroom door with white streamers to create a mummy effect. Add some googly eyes for an extra spooky touch.
  6. Bat Mobile: Hang a bunch of paper bats from a hula hoop or a wooden embroidery hoop to create a bat mobile that can be hung from the ceiling.
  1. Halloween Countdown Calendar: Create a countdown calendar by decorating a large poster board with Halloween-themed images and adding numbered cutouts for each day leading up to Halloween.
  1. Cauldron Treats: Fill a cauldron with Halloween treats like mini candy bars, spider rings, or Halloween-themed stickers.
  1. Jack-o’-Lantern Bulletin Board: Create a bulletin board in the shape of a jack-o’-lantern using orange paper. Add cutting out eyes, nose, and mouth shapes from black construction paper.
  1. Halloween Book Display: Create a display of Halloween-themed books and decorate the surrounding area with paper pumpkins or bats.
  1. Candy Corn Vase: Fill a clear vase with candy corn and add artificial flowers or pumpkin-shaped lollipops for a festive touch.
  1. Monster Pencil Toppers: Turn ordinary pencils into spooky monsters by attaching googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and small pom-poms.
  1. Ghost Pops: Decorate lollipops with white tissue paper to create ghost-shaped treats.
  1. Halloween Bunting: Create a Halloween-themed bunting using black and orange paper or fabric triangles. String them together and hang them across your classroom.
  1. Spooky Window Silhouettes: Cut out Halloween-themed silhouettes from black paper and tape them to your classroom windows for a haunting effect.
  1. Halloween Photo Booth: Set up a photo booth area with Halloween-themed props like masks, hats, and spooky backdrops for students to enjoy.
  2. Spider Race: Create a spider race by drawing a start and finish line on the floor and using toy spiders. Have students blow the spiders using straws and race them to the finish line.

These spooky-cheap Halloween decorations are sure to create a fun and festive atmosphere in your classroom without breaking the bank. Let your creativity shine and enjoy the Halloween spirit with your students!

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