24 Things Elementary Kids Go Bananas For, Every Single Time

1. Bubbles: The magic of bubbles never fails to excite elementary kids. They love blowing bubbles and chasing after them.

2. Stickers: Whether it’s a gold star or a cartoon character, stickers are always a big hit with young kids.

3. Slime: The gooey, squishy sensation of slime makes it irresistible for children to play with.

4. Surprise Toys: Excitement builds as kids eagerly await the reveal of the mystery toy hidden within a blind bag or capsule.

5. Coloring Books: With an array of colors at their disposal, kids love creating masterpieces in their favorite coloring books.

6. Playgrounds: The thrill of sliding down a slide, swinging high on a swing set, or climbing jungle gyms keeps elementary kids coming back for more.

7. Pizza Parties: What kid doesn’t love the cheesy goodness that comes from a pizza party?

8. Balloons: The simple joy of playing with balloons brings out the child in everyone.

9. Costumes and Dress-up Clothes: From pretending to be superheroes to playing house, creative dress-up time is always a hit.

10. Birthday Parties: Cake, games, presents – elementary kids absolutely adore all aspects of birthday celebrations.

11. Board Games: Classic board games like Monopoly Junior and Candyland never fail to delight young players.

12. Movie Nights: Cozying up on the couch with popcorn and their favorite movie is an experience kids cherish.

13. Sports: Playing soccer, basketball, or any other sport is always a fun way for children to expel their energy and learn valuable skills.

14. Legos and Building Blocks: Children can spend hours assembling structures and creating imaginary worlds with building blocks and Legos.

15. Play-Doh: The endless possibilities for creations made from Play-Doh keep kids entertained for hours.

16. Dance Parties: Moving to the music during impromptu dance parties is exciting and fun for elementary kids.

17. Puzzles: Challenging their minds with puzzles, whether simple or complex, is an engaging activity for children.

18. Reading a New Book: Diving into a new story and discovering new characters can be a delightful adventure for young readers.

19. Video Games: Popular age-appropriate video games like Minecraft offer an entertaining way to learn problem-solving skills and creativity.

20. Theme Parks: The anticipation of going on thrilling rides at a theme park can make any kid go bananas with excitement.

21. Water Play: Whether it’s swimming in a pool or running through sprinklers, kids love to splash around in the water.

22. Animals: Visiting a zoo, aquarium, or farm gives children the opportunity to interact with and learn about various animals.

23. Science Experiments: From making volcanoes explode to observing chemical reactions, hands-on science experiments are both educational and fun.

24. Sleepovers: Having friends over for a night filled with movies, snacks, and staying up late is always a memorable experience for elementary kids.

Each of these 24 activities has something unique that ignites the enthusiasm of elementary children every single time, providing endless joy and entertainment in their lives.

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