25 Creative Things to do with Kids’ Artwork


Kids are budding artists, and their creativity knows no bounds! As parents, we cherish our children’s artwork and often struggle to find the perfect way to showcase and preserve their masterpieces. Here are 25 imaginative ways you can make use of your little artist’s creations:

1.Create a gallery wall: Dedicate a wall or hallway to display your child’s artwork, giving it a professional and organized appearance.

2.Make a scrapbook: Compile and arrange their artwork in a scrapbook, complete with dates and special memories.

3.Fridge magnets: Display masterpieces on the fridge with decorative magnets, allowing you to rotate them frequently.

4.Digitize the art: Scan the artwork and create a digital collection that can easily be shared with friends and family.

5.Custom calendar: Turn your child’s art into a unique yearly calendar.

6.Personalized greeting cards: Re-purpose art as greeting cards for holidays or birthdays, adding a special touch for loved ones.

7.Create a quilt: Sew together various art pieces into an incredible homemade quilt, perfect as a cozy blanket or wall hanging.

8.Transform it into jewelry: Craft unique necklaces or keychains using shrink plastic and the kids’ designs.

9.Photo album: Print high-quality photos of your child’s work and arrange them in an album sorted by year.

10.Custom jigsaw puzzles: Turn pieces of art into jigsaw puzzles for hours of family fun!

11.Lampshade gallery: Affix your child’s creations onto lampshades, giving their room an artistic touch.

12.DIY placemats: Laminate the artwork and turn them into colorful placemats for dinnertime conversation starters.

13.Memory box: Store physical copies of the art in a decorative box or chest as precious keepsakes.

14.Gift wrap paper: Make gift-giving extra meaningful by using artwork as wrapping paper.

15.Create a slideshow: Compile digital images into a moving slideshow accompanied by music and voiceovers.

16.Custom tote bags: Print your little one’s art pieces onto reusable tote bags.

17.Mobile masterpiece: Fashion a rotating mobile that hangs in their room, showcasing incredible artwork.

18.T-shirt designs: Transfer the artwork onto t-shirts for a custom fashion statement.

19.DIY coasters: Transform your child’s mini-masterpieces into functional and creative coasters.

20.Picture frame matting: Embellish picture frames with the kids’ artwork as customized matting.

21.Art into embroidery: Convert the art into embroidery patterns for beautiful and unique textile creations.

22.Decorative throw pillow: Print the art onto fabric to make colorful throw pillows for their room or living area.

23.Fabric bookmarks: Use fabric versions of their best pieces to create one-of-a-kind bookmarks.

24.Custom ornaments: Turn your child’s art into festive ornaments to adorn your holiday tree or to gift loved ones during the holidays.

25.Time capsule: Preserve selected artwork in a time capsule to be opened years later, revealing precious memories.


There are countless ways to cherish and showcase your children’s artwork, giving them a sense of pride and accomplishment in their creative skills. With these 25 ideas, you’ll never run out of inspiration or space for displaying their unique masterpieces!

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