25 Winter Solstice Activities for Elementary Students

1. Create Ice Ornaments: Have students design and make ice ornaments using natural materials and water, then hang them outdoors.

2. Build a Solstice Sun Dial: Teach students about the position of the Sun during Winter Solstice and help them create their own sun dials.

3. Make Pinecone Bird Feeders: Encourage children to create simple bird feeders by rolling pinecones in peanut butter and birdseed.

4. Read Winter-Themed Books: Share stories about wintertime and the solstice to foster reading comprehension and seasonal understanding.

5. Host a Solstice Celebration: Organize a classroom party to celebrate the return of longer days with fun activities, games, and treats.

6. Create Snowflakes: Cut out paper snowflakes and decorate windows or walls, exploring symmetry and geometric shapes in the process.

7. Write Winter Haikus: Teach students about this form of Japanese poetry and challenge them to write seasonal haikus.

8. Learn about Seasonal Animals: Discuss how animals adapt to winter, hibernation, or migration, then have students present on their favorite winter animal.

9. Paint Winter Landscapes: Use different mediums such as watercolors or finger paints to create beautiful winter scenes.

10. Make Cinnamon Star Ornaments: Help students create scented cinnamon star ornaments as holiday keepsakes or gifts for their families.

11. Experiment with Ice: Conduct hands-on experiments such as adding salt to ice, creating fizzy ice cubes or observing how ice melts at different temperatures.

12. Learn about Earth’s Tilt: Teach students how the planet’s tilt is responsible for seasonal changes, including the Winter Solstice.

13. Cook Up Some Solstice Recipes: Explore cultural cuisine by preparing traditional solstice dishes from various cultures around the world.

14. Study Ancient Cultures: Discuss how ancient civilizations celebrated the solstice and draw connections to present-day customs.

15. Listen to Seasonal Music: Introduce students to songs and melodies from different cultures that celebrate the season.

16. Create a Winter Collage: Use magazine cutouts, stickers, or drawings to build a beautiful collage showcasing winter’s elements.

17. Conduct a Shadow Experiment: Explore the concept of shadows and their lengths during different times of the day and year.

18. Create Sun-Inspired Artwork: Have students paint or draw images of the sun in different sizes, shapes, and colors to highlight its significance during the solstice.

19. Make Solstice Lanterns: Teach children how to create their own festive lanterns using mason jars, tissue paper, and tea lights.

20. Create a Solstice Countdown Calendar: Help students count down until the solstice using calendars they create with seasonal images and symbols.

21. Learn about Winter Festivals: Research global winter celebrations, such as Diwali, Hanukkah, or Yule, and discuss their similarities and differences.

22. Build a Class Snowman (if weather permits): Encourage teamwork by building a snowman together as a class during outdoor time.

23. Perform a Play about Winter Solstice: Have students create and perform a short play highlighting the importance of the solstice and its traditions.

24. Make Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap: Teach children about the importance of recycling by creating their own gift wrap using newspaper or brown paper bags decorated with stamps or drawings.

25. Write Letters to Solstice Spirits: Encourage creative writing by having students write letters to mythical beings associated with the solstice (e.g., Jack Frost, Old Man Winter).

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