35 Place Value Games To Play In Your Classroom


Place value is a fundamental concept in the world of mathematics, one that is essential for students to grasp early on in their education. To make learning this vital skill both engaging and fun, here are 35 place value games that you can easily incorporate into your classroom.

1. Place Value Bingo

2. Place Value Battleship

3. Place Value Puzzle

4. Roll, Build, and Compare

5. Tens and Ones War

6. Scoop and Stack

7. Number Line Leap Frog

8. Decimal Dash

9. Strategy Swap Challenge

10. Popsicle Stick Match Up

11. Expanded Form Yahtzee

12. Flip Flop Card Game

13. Place Value Go Fish

14. Trading Tens

15. Digital Digits Race

16. Place Value Concentration

17. Number Detective Activity

18. Dice Duel – Greater or Smaller?

19 . Mini White Board Challenge

20 . Human Number Line

21 . Darts Splash Math

22 . Decimal Jenga

23 . Clothespin Clip Arrays

24 . Connect Four: Place Value Edition

25 . Shark Tank: Number Up!

26 . Round-O-Bot: Round ‘Em Up!

27 . Multi-Digit Multiplication Mega Mania

28 . Candy Counters Chaos!

29 . Snowball Fight: Even or Odd?

30 . Domino Doubles

31 . Tower of Hanoi Math Edition

32 . Strike It Rich: Base Ten Bowling

33 . Painting by Numbers: Colorful Place Values

34 . Crazy Catastrophe Challenge

35 . Bean Bag Number Bounce


Learning place value can be an exciting experience for your students with these 35 interactive and enjoyable games. In addition to encouraging cooperation and friendly competition among classmates, these games allow you to provide a hands-on approach to teaching place value and reinforcing essential math skills. Explore these creative games and watch your students develop a solid understanding of place value in no time!

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