7 Fast-Growing Seeds for Classroom Gardens


Classroom gardens are an excellent way to teach students about nature, responsibility, and the importance of nurturing living things. One fantastic way to create enthusiasm in children is to choose fast-growing seeds, allowing students to quickly observe the growth and development of plants. In this article, we will explore seven varieties of seeds that are perfect for cultivating classroom gardens.

1. Radishes:

Radishes are an excellent choice for a classroom garden due to their rapid growth rate—taking just 25-30 days from planting to harvest. This colorful root vegetable is not only easy to grow but also helps in teaching children about parts of a plant as both leaves and roots are edible.

2. Lettuce:

Leaf lettuce varieties like Buttercrunch or Romaine typically grow relatively fast, taking around 30-50 days from sowing to harvest. Lettuce is an adaptable plant that can be grown in containers or small garden spaces, making it ideal for classrooms with limited space.

3. Sunflowers:

Sunflowers are wonderful plants for classroom gardens because of their majesty and rapid growth rate. Dwarf sunflower varieties can mature in just 45-60 days, providing a spectacular display of vivid colors while teaching kids about pollination and seed production.

4. Green Beans:

Green beans, specifically the bush bean variety, quickly produce harvestable pods within 45-55 days after sowing. Easy to grow and maintain, green beans encourage students to learn about plant structure and can be an excellent ingredient in healthy cooking activities.

5. Cress:

Cress seeds are some of the fastest germinating seeds available, with sprouts appearing as early as three days after planting! These seeds require minimal care and can even be grown on a windowsill or paper towels, making them perfect for classrooms with little-to-no gardening space.

6. Spinach:

Spinach is a hardy, cool-season crop that can grow in as little as 4-6 weeks. Rich in nutrients and easy to grow, spinach will teach students about the importance of healthy food while providing them with fresh greens for consumption.

7. Cherry Tomatoes:

Cherry tomatoes are an excellent addition to your classroom garden, taking approximately 60-75 days to produce fruit after planting. Growing these small fruits is an enjoyable experience for children, helping them learn about the stages of plant growth while providing them with delicious tomatoes to enjoy.


Incorporating a classroom garden into the school curriculum provides numerous learning opportunities for students while encouraging healthy eating habits. The seven fast-growing seeds mentioned in this article will ensure a successful and engaging gardening experience for children of any age. Planting these seeds is not only a fun activity but also an effective way to foster an appreciation for nature and cultivate essential life skills.

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