7 Genius Teacher-on-Teacher Pranks You’ll Want to Pull Tomorrow

Teachers, just like anyone else, appreciate a good laugh. In the spirit of camaraderie and humor, we’ve compiled a list of seven brilliant teacher-on-teacher pranks that you’ll want to try on your unsuspecting colleagues tomorrow!

1. The Mysterious Sticky Note

Place a sticky note under your fellow teacher’s computer mouse sensor, making sure to cover it completely. When they try to use their mouse the next day, it won’t seem to work! The look on their face when they finally discover the cause of their frustration will be priceless.

2. Classroom Switcheroo

Get together with another teacher and swap classrooms overnight. When students and teachers come in the next day, confusion and laughter will ensue as they realize they’re in the wrong room! Be sure to leave a clue or two behind in each room so eventually, everyone figures it out.

3. Doorbell Delight

Install a wireless doorbell inside your colleague’s classroom – preferably hidden somewhere they won’t find it easily. Throughout the day, randomly ring the doorbell from afar and watch as they search for the source of the unexpected noise.

4. Plant an Echo

If your colleague has an Amazon Echo device, discretely record yourself saying common Alexa commands sporadically throughout a song or audio file. Play this file quietly in their classroom during work hours, and watch as Alexa keeps interrupting with unpredictable responses!

5. Balloon Bonanza

Buy a bag of balloons and inflate them before school begins. Fill your coworker’s entire room with balloons – floor to ceiling! This harmless prank will make them feel like they’re walking into a fun-filled wonderland.

6. Soap Suds Surprise

If your school has an automatic soap dispenser in its staff restroom or common area, you can carefully remove the soap and replace it with clear hand sanitizer. When your coworkers expect to receive a handful of foamy suds, they’ll instead be greeted with a clear liquid that quickly disappears in their hands.

7. Hide the Whiteboard Markers

This classic prank is simple but effective. Gather all the whiteboard markers from your colleague’s room and replace them with non-permanent color markers that are difficult to erase. Watch in amusement as your fellow educator struggles to clean their board throughout the day.

These seven genius teacher-on-teacher pranks are sure to bring laughter and excitement to an ordinary day at school. If you end up trying any of these pranks, remember to enjoy the fun responsibly and be considerate of your colleagues. Happy pranking!

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