9 Brilliant Activities To Practice Balancing Chemical Equations


Balancing chemical equations is an essential skill in chemistry. Understanding the conservation of mass and charge enables students to predict the products of chemical reactions accurately. To help make this skill accessible and enjoyable, here are 9 brilliant activities to practice balancing chemical equations.

1. Equation Bingo

Transform the traditional Bingo game into a fun way to practice balancing chemical equations by replacing numbers with chemical equations on the Bingo cards. Have students solve the equations as they are called out, and the first person to balance all their equations in a row wins!

2. Chemical Equation Jigsaw Puzzle

Create unique jigsaw puzzles by cutting printed, balanced chemical equations into pieces. Students can work individually or in groups to reassemble the puzzle pieces and solve the equation.

3. Equation Card Game

Design a card game for balancing chemical equations using equation cards representing different elements or compounds. Players must balance their “hand” by trading or drawing cards from a central pile until they have a balanced equation.

4. Chemical Equation Relay Race

Divide your class into two teams and have them race against each other in a relay style format. Each student gets a chance to balance an equation at the board before passing the marker to their teammate.

5. Online Simulator

There are several online simulators, such as PhET’s “Balancing Chemical Equations” tool, which allow students to practice balancing equations in a fun and interactive way.

6. Matching Game

Create a matching game where students draw lines connecting unbalanced equations on one side of a paper to their balanced counterparts on the other side.

7. Equation Treasure Hunt

Hide balanced chemical equation clues around your classroom or other designated area. Studentsthen search for these clues and use them to balance given unbalanced chemical equations.

8. Chemical Equation Battleship

Adapt the classic game of Battleship into an educational tool by having students balance chemicalequations to sink their opponents’ ships. Each correct equation sinks a “ship” on the opponent’sboard.

9. Flashcards

Create a set of flashcards, each featuring an unbalanced chemical equation on one side and itsbalanced counterpart on the other. Students can use these cards to quiz themselves or a partner,helping them quickly identify which equations need balancing.


These engaging activities will not only make balancing chemical equations more enjoyable for students but will also improve their grasp of fundamental chemistry concepts. By incorporating these activities into your lesson plans, you’ll witness an increase in understanding and retention among your students.

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