A Spooky Spin on Story Time: A Creative Activity Inspired by “Creepy Pair of Underwear”


If you’re looking for a fun and interactive way to engage children in the wonders of reading, look no further! “Creepy Pair of Underwear” by Aaron Reynolds and illustrated by Peter Brown is a delightful picture book that offers just the right amount of spooky fun. Today, we’ll discuss a creative activity inspired by this unique tale, guaranteed to entertain both kids and adults alike.

The Book: Creepy Pair of Underwear

In this charming story, young Jasper Rabbit faces an eerie problem – his new pair of underwear is creepy! Glowing an eerie green, this unusual underwear seems to have a mind of its own as it follows him around, lurking in dark corners or even reappearing in his drawer after being discarded. Much to his surprise and dismay, Jasper finds himself chased, spooked, and frustrated by the strange garment. Ultimately, he must confront his fears to regain control over these mysterious underpants.

The Activity: Creepy Underwear Crafting

To bring this story to life and spark children’s creativity, try organizing a “Creepy Underwear Crafting” session with colorful materials and supplies. Here’s how:

1. Materials:

– Plain white underwear in child-size (preferably cotton)

– Glow-in-the-dark fabric paint

– Fabric markers or fabric crayons

– Paintbrushes

– Googly eyes (optional)

– Glue (if using googly eyes)

2. Instructions:

– Give each participant a pair of plain white underwear.

– Display the book “Creepy Pair of Underwear” nearby for inspiration.

– Encourage the children to imagine their own spooky or funny underwear design and begin decorating their briefs accordingly using glow-in-the-dark fabric paint and markers.

– If desired, they can also add googly eyes to create additional creepy creatures on their underwear.

– Allow the paint and glue to dry before taking the underwear home.


With this unique activity inspired by “Creepy Pair of Underwear,” children can explore their creativity while bonding over a fun, enchanting story. It’s a wonderful way to promote reading comprehension, connect with the material, and offer kids a memorable experience they can carry with them long after the book has been closed. So gather your reading circle, open Aaron Reynolds and Peter Brown’s quirky tale, and create some creepy underwear of your very own!

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