Animation Creation Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for animation creation apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

Animaker– A cloud-based animation maker that gives every user access to professional animation tools. Create beautiful animations using the pre-animated libraries available and break free from the drag and drop chains that once held you back. All you need to be an expert is available in the tutorials.

Animaker Class – This is a great app armory for students who want to improve their creativity and learn how to make images and animation videos in just a few steps. Animaker Class provides opportunities for students to make learning fun.

Animatic– Animatic can be used by beginners and experts to produce hand-drawn animations. It allows people to bring their creative ideas to life. Advanced features are available for users who subscribe to the pro version of the app.

Animation Desk– Everybody can be an animator; every idea can be animated. Using your iPad, you can have a work desk like the animation desk of an animator. The app provides a cool, fun environment for everyone to draw out their animations. You can add sound effects to spice up your work and share your creations with friends on Facebook, YouTube, and so on.

Blabberize– Create talking animations from still photos using this tool. You can choose from the available blabbers or create a new one. Choose a photo from your computer, pick a mouth area, and create a voice recording or upload an MP4 from your computer. It takes as little as 30 seconds to make an audio narration, and you can classify your work as private or mature.

Explee– This app allows you to create animations to be incorporated into your presentation. Hold your audience spellbound with the quality of your presentation while maintaining conciseness. The app has a whiteboard feature that allows you to explain difficult and complex concepts in detail. Using their library of over 6,000 animation effects, you can breathe life into any still image, drawing, or presentation. Take advantage of visual and audio learning to bolster audience understanding and retention.   

In 3D gallery–  This is a cloud-based tool that can be used to create presentations online and play them back with the use of a browser and Internet connection. It helps to convert your presentation ideas into professional animations without being an expert.

Loop– Loop brings your pictures to life; using your creativity and imagination, Loop will animate your drawings. There is nothing better than seeing your hours of hard work creating art come to life before your very own eyes. With minimalist vibes and a user-friendly interface, you can pair Loop with your own pictures to create excellent animation, putting real meaning in your art.– Lynda is a website for learning how to edit any form of media. With over 2,100 courses, you can learn skills such as photo and song editing, 3-D animation, spreadsheet creation; with Lynda, you learn everything you need to know from the experts. All the courses are created by users who are extremely talented at or work in these fields. This means you get only the highest quality content made by people in the field, not people making cookie-cutter classes. Lynda is an extremely affordable website to join, especially when you consider the number of skills available.

Morphi– Morphi is an app that allows you to create 3-D models that can – be printed into real tangible objects. Using visualization, innovation, creativity, prototypes, and education, create your best models today. Morphi can also be used as a starting place to learn any STEAM subject, stop motion animation, product or graphic design, or for Maker education. One version of Morphi is free, and volume purchases are available.

Scratch– Scratch is a free open network made available by MIT to assist young folks in learning to think and reason systematically. Scratch makes room for students to design and share their coding work with others around the universe. It allows them to create stories, games, and animations to assist in sharing their vision with others on the platform. On this platform, you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations and share your design with others in the online community.

Osmo Monster– Draw images for Mo, the magical monster who brings all your work to life. Every item you draw in this app instantly gets absorbed into the magical world where Mo lives. These items are used to create animation adventures that you can watch and save to share with your friends and family. Mo is a soft, fluffy animal that lives in a magical world. Osmo Monster uses its reflective artificially intelligent technology to promote creativity, problem solving, and social interaction.

Toontastic 3D -Toontastic 3D lets students design, draw, and animate their own cartoons. The app records students’ voices and animations and stores the cartoons as a 3-D video. Students can add themselves to their cartoons with the option to import photos. There are three pre-made story arcs that students can choose from (short story, classic, and science report), or they can create their own. For students that need additional inspiration, there is an idea lab full of stories, characters, and settings to explore.

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