Artificial Intelligence Apps, Tools, and Resources That I Would Use If I Were Still in the Classroom

Back in 2001, when I started as a teacher, the technology boom was in its nascent stage. I remember toting a large bag filled with papers home most nights and going to sleep drowning under a vast sea of student homework that needed grading. My classroom was even worse, cluttered with books, manipulatives, globes, maps, and learning stations that left little room for anything else. However, as I write this in 2018, things have changed dramatically. Today’s teachers have edtech in their corners.

Digital teaching and learning tools have streamlined education processes and provide learning experiences that stretch far beyond the materials that were available for me back in 2001. Back then, you needed to be in a wealthy district to have a teacher’s assistant. Nowadays, teachers can use artificial intelligence as an extra pair of hands and eyes.

AI can be used to grade student papers, teach students foundational skills, remediate struggling learners, prep students for exams, manage the classroom, keep the teacher organized and the list goes own. The fact that teachers can enjoy their very own teacher’s assistants is impressive to me. Back in 2001, I couldn’t even fathom that this would be a possibility less than two decades later. Back then, it was just science fiction. If I were still in the classroom today, I’d use these artificial intelligence apps, tools and resources:

JoeZoo– JoeZoo is a grading and feedback app that helps teachers to make their feedback and grading to be more effective and hassle-free. It also guides students in developing 21st-century skills in all assignment without any hassle. JoeZoo is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered assessment app that was nominated for the 2015 Digital Innovation in Learning award.

Cram101: Do you struggle to come up with simple study guides, quizzes, or flashcards for your students? Cram101 can help by dividing your textbook into smaller pieces of information that are easily studied. Using your general textbook, you can now benefit from chapter summaries and additional content that your students will love.

Zoomi Inc: Zoomi Inc is an artificial intelligence analytics company that provides individualized lessons in real-time using machine learning technology. Its AI technology evaluates employees and objectively assesses what they know and what they still need to learn. Zoomi Inc has over 250 proprietary algorithms that run simultaneously to provide a personal learning experience, predict learning outcomes, and best delivery methods. An automated process handles all lessons and evaluations.

M-Shule – Based in Nairobi, is an award-winning eLearning platform. It was the runner up at the 2017 Global Edtech Startup Awards in London. The M-Shule platform makes use of artificial intelligence and SMS to deliver personalized education to primary school students across Africa. M-Shule also works without an internet connection, an outstanding plus point for an Edtech startup in Africa where only 10% of schools have internet access.

PLAiTO – This platform makes use of artificial intelligence to improve the learning process. PLAiTO creates a unique learning path for each learner based on the strengths, weaknesses, and characteristics of that learner. It can be used to create quality content.

Freckle Education: Students that used to hate school might suddenly find it enjoyable again with Freckle Education. They can work at their level for math, ELA, social studies, and science while teachers can quickly see insights into their progress.

Mika: Mika is a great option for higher education students who need more assistance in their math courses. Carnegie Learning offers a one-on-one virtual tutoring experience using the best that artificial intelligence has to offer. Students receive a personalized path and real-time information on how they’re doing.

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