Audio Creation Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for audio creation apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

Blabberize– Create talking animations from still photos using this tool. You can choose from the available blabbers or create a new one. Choose a photo from your computer, pick a mouth area, and create a voice recording or upload an MP4 from your computer. It takes as little as 30 seconds to make an audio narration, and you can classify your work as private or mature.

NodeBeat– This is a responsive and fun visual app available for all ages used to produce music. With this app, no one is too old or too young to become an elite producer. You can create music from scratch in just minutes or watch NodeBeat as it generates its own. This app helps you unlock the musical maestro within you, save your productions, and share them with your friends. It offers Audiobus support so that you can stream live audio directly to Audiobus-compatible devices. Visit to learn more.

Noteflight– This app lets you create, edit, view, share, and listen to professionally annotated music on your computer, tablet, and smartphone. Noteflight Basic allows you to keep your scores, share them with other users securely, or add them to your web pages. Noteflight Premium has additional features that enable you to create infinitely more scores, compose and listen using over 85 instruments in premiere conditions, record and score audios in real time, and print parts or entire score transcriptions. Scores can be transcribed using a MIDI device. With Noteflight, you can create score collections and share them with friends.

Superhero Comic Book Maker – Superhero Comic Book Maker lets students create animated comic books using engaging characters such as monsters and superheroes. Students can choose from 27 background options, including skyscrapers, spaceships, and the Moon. The app can be used by students with different ages and academic abilities thanks to the option to write text or narrate your story verbally with an audio recording feature. To further customize their comic books, students have access to over 170 stickers with sound effects and crayons and colored pencils to add sketches and drawings. Great to use as a reward or to encourage literacy skills, Superhero Comic Book Maker is a valuable creative expression app.

Curious About Me – This is an interactive app that features George, a curious monkey, as he leads children on a journey to create their art. It has two options: “Curious About Me with Curious George” or “A Day at the Zoo with Curious George.” With these stories, children are given verbal directions to take pictures and record audio and videos of themselves, their family, friends, and pets.

Imagistory: Schools Edition – A Storytelling App – This app lets children channel the audiobook narrator within them while it triggers their imagination. Kids can first preview the book or start recording when they are ready. They take a photo to be used with their author name to create their writing persona. Children can listen or share their story after completion. Teachers and parents can access the saved stories from the “listen” section.

Easy Stop Motion Studio – Introduction to Animation –This app exposes children to animation at an early age. It starts with a video tutorial (without audio or text) that lets children get to work immediately. They can record their voice and add it to the video as voice-overs. Text direction and orientation can be adjusted for children whose native language is not English.

Write About – This website provides a classroom writing community and publishing platform; it allows young writers and teachers to respond to writing prompts created by others. Writers can respond to prompts in writing or by recording audio. Privacy settings can be adjusted to get writing to the appropriate audience. Teachers and students can leave comments and give feedback to the writer. Students can join writing communities, either from their class or other groups.

LumieLabs – is Britannica’s K-12 digital storytelling and video-creation platform that shapes a new future for classroom learning. LumieLabs combines curriculum-relevant, project-based video lessons with millions of royalty-free, rights-cleared, fair-use multimedia clips and thousands of audio clips from best-in-class producers and artists for professional-quality content creation. It is the only video product on the market specifically designed to meet K-12 learning objectives, allowing students to become media-savvy creators. LumieLabs allows students to create stories, share them, and engage with their peers’ videos in a safe, controlled environment.

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