Back to School Today! Poem

The morning buzzes with alarms’ shrill cries,

Children awaken with half-opened eyes.

Summer has ended, its chapter closed tight,

Back to school today, they’ll step into the light.

They don their new outfits, picked out with care,

Shoes without scuffmarks, ribbons in hair.

Their backpacks are heavy with books brand new,

Pages untouched, knowledge to pursue.

The yellow bus rumbles down the street,

Greeting each child, the driver upbeat.

Whispers of summer still cling to their skin,

But a new season of learning will soon begin.

In hallways echoing with locker slams,

Reunions happen, heartfelt and warm;

Friends come together sharing their tales,

Summer adventures, winds in their sails.

The bell rings sharp – a resolute sound,

Students funnel in, their futures unbound.

Lessons and numbers written on boards,

Education’s keys turned in accord.

Lunchtime chatter over shared food trays,

Plans for the year laid down in these days.

Sports teams and projects, clubs to join too,

So many choices spread out in full view.

With each class and lecture, their minds expand,

Knowledge soaking in like waves on the sand.

This is the cycle, the rhythm we know:

Back to school today! Let’s embrace the flow.

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