Behavioral Intervention Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for behavioral intervention apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

Calm Myself Down– This is an iOS app that trains autistic children to control their emotional responses to challenges and situations. Developed by an ABA consultant, it uses Applied Behavior Analysis techniques to help children manage tasks in smaller parts with rewards for a proper response. Children choose activities that help them relax; making these choices helps them to maintain control when the situation arises.

Behavior Manager – This cloud-based PBIS and behavior management platform streamline the behavior process in schools. Organize behavior info across teachers and through time. The 1-Click attendance collection minimizes disruption and reduces lost instruction time; 1-Click merit points and rewards reinforce desired behavior, and the auto consequence features help save time. It uses non-punitive auto consequences to change behavior.

ClassDojo– Keep parents informed about their children’s behavior and academic progress using this app. Record student behavior and development; upload photos taken throughout the school day to this platform. Students can also add assignments to their portfolio with just one click. You can also send visually aesthetic reports to parents and staff members. 

Classroom Carrots– This free app helps teachers maintain good behavior, encourage student participation, and much more. Student behaviors can be measured instantly on this app, and proper behavior is rewarded. Teachers can record attendance and achievements using the reporting tool, and the rewards book module allows them to interact with parents, build up their classrooms, and distribute stickers around the school.

Hero K12– This a student behavior management app for K-12 schools and districts. It builds the concept of student behavior analytics, accountability, responsibility, and it urges students to do what’s right. These are the life skills and abilities that can be taught in school with tools that improve student behavior and tools that promote student growth in a positive climate. It also helps educators to effect a positive change.

iReward– This app is a motivational tool that can be used on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. IReward helps you create a token board to reinforce positive behaviors using visual rewards. This app is particularly great for parents of children with disorders such as autism, ADHD, anxiety, and developmental delays because it serves as a form of motivation to them. The app is customizable and supports multiple users.

Kickboard– Kickboard is designed to suit your school’s existing systems by streamlining and automating it for improved consistency. Any incentive program for student behaviors such as stars, merits, demerits, color charts, or scholar dollars that your school uses will become better with the Kickboard.

LiveSchool – This is an interactive reward-based system for improving and tracking student behavior using tools such as behavior points and track rewards. Categories can be customized for students from a phone, tablet, computer, or smartboard. LiveSchool also includes tools for school-wide setup, data tracking, and rewards system. Students can easily view what rewards are available and choose which one to track.

The KidConnect Classroom App – was designed to help students develop emotional regulation and improve behavior. Teachers routinely lament how issues with behavior management cause a disruption in the classroom, prevent individual students from being ready to learn, and make it difficult for teachers to deliver the best instruction to all. KidConnect is a solution to this pressing challenge.

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