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QR Codes Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for QR code apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

OoGali– OoGla provides you with a smoother, more efficient way to collect data for the price of less than a ream of paper. It records student behavior automatically, in real time using innovations such as QR codes and mobile technology so that you do not have to even look at your device. Guide your students by spending quality time interacting with them instead of focusing on your record book or your device. OoGalidoes one thing, which is to record behavior (good or bad). You decide what you make of it.

QR Treasure Hunt Generator– This app is designed for teachers who want to make their students move around while having fun with the learning process. This app requires no Internet connection. Teachers can input a vast amount of questions and answers into the app, which in turn generates a QR code for each item. The QR code can be pasted anywhere for students to find, students with the most correct answers to the questions they find win.

QR Wild– This is a QR Scavenger Hunt game. With this app, anyone can create scavenger hunts by generating QR codes that can be pasted in the real world or on the web. The game uses a point system based on the QR codes found. QR codes can also serve as hints for finding other hidden QR codes. You can sync the app to your social media account for easy sharing with friends and family.

PSAT Preparation Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for PSAT apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

MindSnacks SAT Vocab MindSnacks apps are typically language-based, but now they are focusing on building your SAT Vocabulary abilities. There are nine great games to teach you all the SAT, PSAT, and GRE vocab words you need to know. The SAT can be stressful, but passing it is crucial for entrance into college. This app has 25 lessons, and the first one is free. The app teaches the words along with their meaning, context, spelling, synonyms, and antonyms.

PrepMe– Academic success requires more than just working hard; it involves working smart. Improve your test scores by consistently practicing test questions specially designed for you. Use PrepMe to provide a unique approach to ACT®, SAT®, and PSAT® test preparation, using customized tests tailored to shore up your weaknesses while considering the amount of time you have before your exam date arrives.

Project Management Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for project management apps, tools, and resources that you can use in your school? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

eCampusPro – This is an LMS platform that enables you to launch an effective, low-cost e-learning solution for projects of any scale. This platform offers complete project management services and provides software and systems simulations using content writing smart simulators.

Project Foundry– This is a learning tool that allows students to plan and monitor their learning progress; it helps teachers to sort student projects and submissions efficiently. The centralized collection of projects will enable students to easily access and assemble.

LiveBinders– If you have ever struggled with keeping papers organized in large notebook binders, you may be interested in knowing how this app solves so many binder problems. LiveBinders is an easy way to keep all your files, books, and resources organized in one place, online. Anyone can access it, and it prevents worksheets and books from being lost or stolen, and it ensures that your materials are available to be used when you need them. Teachers can use LiveBinders to organize curriculum or organize classroom projects.

Academus CRS – This is a low-cost, versatile, non-web solution for classroom planning, interactivity, and management. It is available for free on the Android and Microsoft Windows platform, an iOS version in development. This app allows teachers to monitor and evaluate students in real-time and provides corrections to assessments; reports can be generated and saved or exported in MS Excel format.

Hapara– With the Hapara tools, teachers will be able to monitor their student’s efforts across all G Suite applications, highlight students browsing activities, encourage live engagement, and provide support to group projects and assignments. Hapara provides clear and simple visibility into learning as it helps schools adopt the digital learning style by making the viewing and management of students’ work in the cloud as easy as possible.

LoiLoNote– LoiLoNote is a perfect app for the classroom to organize your collabs, lessons, presentations, projects, and more in real time. With your teammates or teachers, you can utilize video, text, maps, drawings, pictures, and more in a single place. The app is intended to be used by students or teachers. It can also be used jointly by teachers from multiple classes to provide multidisciplinary interaction. Whether you use this app to come up with new ideas or to work on a final group project, the app can help you keep it all in one place.

Spiral – With Spiral’s suite of free educational apps, teachers can transform their classroom into an interactive learning space. Apps can be used by the teacher to give quick formative assessments, help compile student portfolios, facilitate group projects, and turn any video into a live chat with discussion questions. Students simply need to have a device (smartphone, tablet, computer), and Spiral takes care of the rest, linking the devices and pushing out the teacher-designed content. Teachers can load pre-designed content or ask questions on the fly—Spiral can adapt to any teaching style. There is even a grade book section that teachers can use to document summative assessments, record student notes, and export to share with parents. Spiral can be applied across grade levels and with any subject.

Composica – This system integrates authoring freedom and flexibility.  It uses an HTML5-based authoring solution for interactive e-learning content and real-time collaboration. The system reduces development time by saving, cataloging, and reusing pieces of content from previous projects. It also allows teammates to see what everyone is working on, open tasks, review notes, post on the project’s wall, and group chat.

Edmodo– While social networking has received its fair share of criticism about the bad influence it tolerates, this app is unlike all that. Edmodo is a powerful tool that can be used to pool the creative thinking of students. It helps them think critically while fostering student-teacher partnerships to create projects.

gTasks– No excuse for lateness or sloppy timelines with gTasks! One of the difficulties of a challenging project is organization and time management, especially for students who haven’t practiced skills in projects of such magnitude. gTasks remind students of the deadlines they’ve set for the projects they have by syncing tasks with Google Tasks and adding reminders to their Google Calendars.

Next Lesson Marketplaces– Next Lesson is a platform created to implement and manage modern projects with the mission of building a better tomorrow by finding an answer to the lingering question, “How can we unleash projects students love?” NextLesson is built on the foundation that students learn using activities and contextual lessons; the platform incorporates an awareness of the challenges facing students and educators with the new Common Core standards. Activities available on the platform have been tested in classroom settings and include materials (video, worksheets, websites, references to apps) and comprehensive teacher guides where necessary. Materials are accessible from any device, any time you want.

Realtime Board – Realtime Board is an online whiteboard for visual team collaboration used by project managers, content creators, designers, app and web developers, marketers, consultants, strategists, creative agencies, and design thinkers all over the world to develop their ideas and projects. The app’s collaborating tools include real-time PWing, comments, text chat, voice and video chat, screen sharing, and daily notifications. It also includes whiteboard tools such as sticky notes, freehand drawing, shapes, links, texts, and presentation mode.

Professional Development Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for professional development apps, tools, and resources that you can use to make you a better educator? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

CampusCE Education Management This is a platform designed to provide infrastructure automation for educational communities using web-based applications to link administrators, faculty, and students. It is useful for community and vocational colleges, continuing and community education, professional development, workforce training, corporate universities, and government.

CourseStage – CourseStage is a mobile-responsive learning management system (LMS) designed to support professional development initiatives. This software has a built-in quiz engine that allows users to make data-driven decisions. The interface is designed for personal and business branding that supports e-learning with options to store current and future learning experiences.

Discovery Education – Discovery Education is a big player in EdTech. The company has established itself as the leading provider of digital curriculum resources, digital content, and professional development for K-12 classrooms. Around 5.6 million students across all 50 states and Canada are currently using Discovery Education. Discovery Education Streaming Plus, the comprehensive digital service supplementing instruction across all K-12 curricular areas, was recently the winner of the EdTech Digest’s Cool Tool Award in the Content Provider Solution category. Discovery Education Streaming Plus supplements instruction materials for all K–12 curricular areas. The supplemental materials include lesson plans, instructional strategies, and other content. Every possible source of content is available to students, including primary source documents, books, tapes, audio files, videos, podcasts, interviews, images, and more.

EzTraxx – This software is designed to offer professional development, graduate study/tuition reimbursement, and online training and teacher evaluation processes. This app saves time, slashes costs, and enables data-driven decision-making.

PebblePad– PebblePad is designed to act as an electronic portfolio (e-portfolio). It is a Personal Learning Space used in diverse learning contexts such as schools, colleges, universities, and professional bodies. It is useful for students, teachers, and testers for personal development planning; continuing professional development; and learning, teaching, and assessment. PebblePad was created with everything set to revolve around the student. It provides a framework to help users save records of learning, achievement, and goals. It also has a reflective structure underlining all its core elements.

PlayPosit– PlayPosit allows you to create interactive videos for your flipped classroom. It has revolutionary features that let instructors assess learning in real time and increase student participation. The admin dashboard helps to monitor success stats and provides content-specific, personalized professional development. Responsive videos fast-track learning by enhancing memory, making classes flow better and more efficiently.

SchoolZen – An administration solution that allows you to manage your school, critical data, student attendance, tests, examinations, parent portal, and so on. This software can be used to automate school management systems, build process workflows, and enhance communication systems and controls. It draws from lesson observation data and analytics to plan for teacher professional development. – With over 25,000 video lessons and other resources, allows students to extend their knowledge of course content from home, or it can be incorporated into classroom lessons to meet student differentiation needs. There are options to take coursework for college credit, to receive homework help or complete study prep, and engage in professional development work. With videos ranging from the history of Sparta to working with fractions, can be used with students from K-12 and beyond. Any college credit earned is easily transferrable to over 1,500 U.S. colleges and universities. Teachers can enroll their classroom, assign videos and lessons, and even access printable resources such as worksheets designed to pair with video content.

SwiftAssess – An assessment authoring, management, delivery, and tracking platform for teachers, schools, universities, and professional training. With SwiftAssess, you get the following: automating admission, transforming students’ course work and activities, continuous professional development, and accreditation compliance. SwiftAssess brings a new dimension to the way students are evaluated and aligned with common core standards

Teach Boost – Teach Boost is a platform for teachers and administrators to assist in providing feedback and teacher evaluations. It is designed to foster effective educators and improve student outcomes. There are three segments in the Teach Boost program: Observations and Evaluations, Coaching and Mentorship, and Professional Development. Observations and Evaluations allow administrators to customize forms, rubrics, and observation cycles and streamline the overall evaluation process to fit the needs of the school. Coaching and Mentorship help develop sustainable coaching and mentoring programs through customized coaching engagements. It helps eliminate paperwork and simplifies scheduling. The Professional Development segment is a hub for schools to manage, document, and share professional development resources.

TurnItIn for Educators – TurnItIn for Educators is a website that helps support academic integrity in schools. Teachers can detect plagiarized content with the world’s most effective plagiarism detection software. Using forensic linguistic analysis and Natural Language Processing (NLP), TurnItIn can determine if students are writing their own papers or using a third party. The website also provides professional development resources for teachers to improve the feedback they provide for students and lesson plans to use with students to build integrity skills.

Whetstone Education – A streamlined classroom observation software platform, Whetstone Education allows administrators to keep classroom observation notes, next steps, and weekly meeting agendas all in one place. With easy-to-use communication tools, administrators can conveniently share data and feedback with teachers and coaches. Whetstone Education also has built-in reporting features that make it easy to see each teacher’s professional growth needs to target coaching and professional development sessions.

Winjigo – This is a multipurpose, portable, user-friendly solution for all school management and administration activities. Winjigo is available in English, Arabic, and Spanish. It can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Features include tracked student performance, teacher professional development, reports, and analyses.

With real-time insights, schools are empowered to drive continuous improvement, optimize institutional effectiveness, and improve student achievement outcomes.

Productivity Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for apps, tools, and resources that can make you more productive? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

Abara LMS – Abara LMS is a cloud-based learning management system that can be used to help employees gain skills needed to improve their motivation and productivity. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms for training your mobile workforce. Abara LMS includes key features such as Amazon AWS hosting, advanced course management options, API integration, and powerful reporting.

BeeduConnect – BeeduConnect is school software with a mobile app for parents to connect and communicate with school administrators and teachers. It enhances automation and reduces paperwork so you can become more efficient, increasing quality and productivity.

CampusEntry EMS – This is a school ERP for all kinds of institutions. Features include HR, attendance tracking, admissions, and more. It also aims to open communication channels among education stakeholders to help schools increase collaborations and productivity.

Cerego – Cerego is a personalized learning platform that helps people learn faster, remember longer, and objectively measure their knowledge using AI-assisted predictive algorithms. It helps organizations improve productivity as employees learn better and are better motivated and more capable. The app uses predictive learning features to deliver individual specific learning materials to its users. Available on Android and iOS devices.

Day Care Control – This is a preschool tool that enhances productivity and communication between kindergarten, daycare, teachers, and parents. This tool improves the productivity of education centers and facilitates the dissemination of information to parents. The system integrates teacher-parent interaction.

Edbrix – Edbrix provides an integrated e-learning platform for blended education using robust scholastic tools to facilitate storage, management, and sharing of knowledge for comprehensive learning through innovative delivery of instruction and assessment. Edbrix collaborates, communicates, and manages content based on Google and Microsoft productivity tools.

ESSMS – This is an educational management system that uses technologically advanced solutions to improve productivity. It also offers workflow management guided by the technical capabilities of “Online-Offline Process Integration” through the user-friendly digital interfaces. It can also be used to create custom solutions.

Fedena Pro – Fedena is a multipurpose school ERP system, which is concerned with the automation of a school’s daily operations. It is designed to influence the institution’s productivity. It is capable of a range of processes ranging from organizing parent-teacher meetings to online fees collection and examination management to bulk data management.

FULL FABRIC – FULL FABRIC brings together all your customer data in a single, integrated solution that enables you to manage your entire student life cycle from initial inquiry to alumni relations. This admissions and CRM platform for higher education can be used to enhance your recruitment and admissions processes, productivity, and awareness of prospects.

Knewton-Alta– Technology is all around us and constantly tracking our purchases, browsing habits, and entertainment preferences. Why not use technology’s tracking abilities to our benefit? Knewton-Alta helps students to improve their productivity and learn their common study tactics and routines. It tracks previous performance and helps to create a unique path for each student. Every student has different learning habits and succeeds in different ways, and Knewton-Alta can pick up on each student’s nuances. The tracking information can be linked to a teacher to help them identify the best ways to present new material and determine which topics need the most attention.

Mahara– Mahara is your new E-Portfolio that will manage your work and promote productivity. When all your belongings are in one place, it is so much easier to do work and so much easier to want to do work. With this learner-centered learning system, you can create, share, and engage with learners and collaborators with ease. No more hassle of managing notebooks, documents, and planners, because Mahara keeps it streamlined for you. Mahara can be used for work, school, or personal use.

Mendeley– Mendeley is a social network that allows you to organize your documents, references, research, and papers with a quick click. You can even collaborate with other users through this software, making it your productivity hub.

Navitus LMS – This app helps corporate organizations train their staff to boost company productivity and drive better profits. Navitus LMS also provides a suite of products that foster the relationship between parents and teachers, and it provides tips on the latest solutions and applications that can be applied to learning.

Omniscol – Omniscol can be used to create and manage timetables. It encourages high productivity with efficient scheduling and time management.

PalmLeaf – PalmLeaf helps users improve their productivity and learning experience. It monitors ever-changing life patterns and uses them to create a better learning experience. It can easily be integrated into an existing system, and users can also use this tool to generate different types of reports.

SAF School Management Software – This school management system offers flexibility for schools of any size; the software enhances students’ learning experience using guided lesson plans. This tool also fosters constructive parent interaction and helps teachers improve their productivity as they can make better decisions for students.

Schedule My Teachers – Schedule My Teachers can be used to improve teachers’ productivity. It can be used to create a schedule that matches the goals, objectives, and characteristics of the school. It creates a system that assigns classes and lessons to teachers in a way that improves productivity.

School Plus – This platform is a school management system that offers an impressive level of flexibility matching schools of any size. School Plus can also be used to amplify a student’s learning experience through guided lesson plans. It is also a tool that can foster the right parent interaction. The productivity of teachers will even benefit from this tool as they can make better decisions on students

Smart Pupils – This is a cloud-based solution designed to manage the day-to-day operations of schools, colleges, and universities. Smart Pupils is a dedicated platform that automates the educational institution by integrating all modules to streamline educational processes. Smart Pupils helps increase productivity and efficiency by offering a paperless work environment; it also contains comprehensive reporting with graphs.

Speachme – Speachme helps you create a peer-to-peer skill and knowledge platform to help transfer technical skills. Speachme is a video knowledge transfer and collaboration solution for the enterprise. Speachme helps improve productivity, lower training costs, and reduce downtime by enabling workers to create, view, and share interactive how-to presentations anywhere and on any device.

Private School Management Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for private school management apps, tools, and resources that you can use in your school? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

BigSIS – BigSIS is a cloud-based, highly customizable student information system, providing solutions to private schools across the United States and Canada. BigSIS is comprised of modules that manage everything from admissions, gradebook, narrative assessments, donations, volunteers, after-school care participants, attendance, enrollments, and more. You select the modules you want to purchase; many modules are included in the software package for free.

Cumulo Learning – Cumulo Learning is a school management software and student information system created to connect families with schools in a way that is consistent with the world in which we live. It was designed with private schools, public schools, and charter schools in mind. It is a web-based utility for public and private schools with communication, grade book, reporting, attendance, and lunch program components.

TimeSavr – TimeSavr is a web-based management software solution designed specifically for the administrative needs of daycares, out-of-school cares, preschools, and day-home agencies. It maintains vital information regarding children, parents, and teachers; it can be used to track immunizations, emergency contact information, grades, and virtually any data that a private school requires. TimeSavr is an integrated solution designed to help staff-constrained schools do more in less time.

Presentation Creation Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for presentation apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

ALL In Cloud  – ALL In Cloud is a new daily progress monitoring tool that gives teachers, schools, and district administrators real-time classroom data from a variety of assessment instruments. It allows teachers to create presentations, import via PowerPoint, and share their content with colleagues.

EdPuzzle– This app is perfect for a classroom in which video clips are used to drive home points. Videos can be imported from YouTube, Khan Academy, and Learn Zion; the teacher can add his/her voice to the presentation to ask questions and more. This also allows the teacher to know whether students truly understand the message the teacher is trying to get across.

Knovio– Knovio helps you turn PowerPoint presentations into high-quality video presentations with the use of a web browser and a webcam. This app makes it extremely easy and fast to transform your basic slideshow into an all-access video presentation that can be shared through social media and email with ease. With moving pictures, seamless transitions, background music, and fluidity, your presentation will come alive and help you attract and hold your audience’s attention.

In 3D gallery–  This is a cloud-based tool that can be used to create presentations online and play them back with the use of a browser and Internet connection. It helps to convert your presentation ideas into professional animations without being an expert.

NearPod– Create interactive PowerPoint presentations and send them out to your students’ devices using NearPod. It has creative features such as polls, quizzes, drawing activities, fill-in-the-blank, and open-ended questions. You can include 3-D illustrations in your lessons to engage our students. Get immediate feedback on your device for questions you include for your students. Spiral – With Spiral’s suite of free educational apps, teachers can transform their classroom into an interactive learning space. Apps can be used by the teacher to give quick formative assessments, help compile student portfolios, facilitate group projects, and turn any video into a live chat with discussion questions. Students simply need to have a device (smartphone, tablet, computer), and Spiral takes care of the rest, linking the devices and pushing out the teacher-designed content. Teachers can load pre-designed content or ask questions on the fly—Spiral can adapt to any teaching style. There is even a grade book section that teachers can use to document summative assessments, record student notes, and export to share with parents. Spiral can be applied across grade levels and with any subject.

Actionpoint 360 – This learning management system enables self-paced learning and allows you to host live audience polling. With this tool, you can convert old PowerPoint presentations into interactive lessons and assessments. You can also collect data on individuals or groups, gather more information, compare results, and find trends in the data.

Air SketchWith Air Sketch, your iPad becomes a wireless whiteboard! Air Sketch allows you to project PDF and PowerPoint documents onto a computer using the local network. This application can be used for the boardroom, classroom, and all types of presentations. Your iPad can be used to project onto surfaces without using wired connections.

DyKnow– An app that allows smartboards to be created using a pen designed specifically for this purpose. It is like the Microsoft PowerPoint app, which is used to create presentations. DyKnow is used to ensure that students are not distracted; teachers can prevent surfing on other websites to command the maximum attention of the students.

Hypersay–  Hypersay is designed to allow for engagement between the presenter and participant during PowerPoint presentation to divert the attention of the participant from distractions such as laptops and mobile devices. With this, the presenter turns the mobile devices into an engagement tool to take control of the participants’ physical and mental real estate.

FlipQuiz– This app offers educators a quick means of creating their own gameshow-style boards (which are built using dry-erase markers on overhead slides, chalkboards, poster board, and PowerPoint) for test reviews in the classroom. Items are displayed on-screen with FlipQuiz, and boards are saved for later use.

Mentimeter– Mentimeter is a presentation software that allows you to create events, lectures, workshops, and informative presentations. This app has over 25 million users. Users have little or no difficulty learning to use this software, and they find that it makes their presentations more memorable than a basic PowerPoint presentation.

Prezi– Prezi is a free tool that makes PowerPoint presentations an exciting experience. Prezi brings life and color to your presentations, including existing ones. Simply import them into Prezi and relax as it does all the creative work to provide you with an attractive document. You can also design your presentations from scratch to suit your taste or desired audience.

SlideRocket Player – With SlideRocket Player, you can download any of your pre-made SlideRocket presentations or PowerPoint presentations and play them wherever you are directly from your iPad. SlideRocket Player works online or offline (if presentations have previously been downloaded). Built-in analytics tell you when and where someone has viewed your presentation, and sharing presentations is as easy as sending a link right from the app.

Slidetalk – With Slidetalk, you can convert presentations and PowerPoint slide decks into videos with voice over and background music. With a simple two-step process, you upload your existing presentation and type the text for each slide, and then you can download your completed video or publish it to YouTube. Slidetalk can be used in any subject where presentations are given, and it is compatible with over 20 languages, so it can also be integrated into almost any language classroom. For teachers in classrooms with visually or cognitively impaired students, having the ability to easily add audio to classroom presentations ensures that lessons are accessible to all students.

SMART Board – SMART Boards are interactive, internet capable whiteboards. They offer a hands-on way to engage students in lessons across all subjects. SMART Boards are research backed and claim to elevate learning outcomes through encouraging students to connect, by reaching every learner at their current academic level, and by making learning personal through student-centered learning. Lessons on the SMART Board easily sync across other classroom devices to assist with group work, collaboration, and formative assessment. There are also professional development opportunities for teachers, a global community of SMART Board users for support, and a resource library.

Boxlight MimioFrameThis combined systemcreates a virtual work area spanning about 11 feet by 4 feet, where students collaborate and learn together at the front of the classroom. The MimioStudio classroom software makes it easy to use other classroom products and enables teachers to create lessons and joint projects. Files can be saved in the MimioStudio files format and accessed on any device using the MimioMobile app.

Preschool Art Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for preschool art apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

Intro to Colors– The world of colors comes alive with “Intro to colors.” It’s a dynamic and interactive app that lets children appreciate and learn colors in various ways. Your child will learn both primary and secondary colors, the foundation of colors, color shades, identifying and mixing of colors as well as painting and creation of colors in a fun and exciting way.

Peep and the Big Wide World– Get ready to paint on this paint splat game featuring Quack, a likable, funny duck, and his friend, Chirp, who is a brave robin bird. Children play the game by making Quack jump and paint tubes to create color collages on the wall. The app teaches children to identify colors and get creative with mixing colors. Once you have formed the simpler secondary colors (green, purple, orange, etc.), you progress to harder tertiary colors. Quack jumps on the paint tube when you touch it, splashing blobs of yellow, blue, and red paint on the wall. Touching the water hose rinses the paint off the wall, so you can start over when you want. PrimaryPad idea for schools to keep things fun, simple, fast, and easy-to-use. PrimaryPad integrates with other tools such as Wordle, PrimaryWall, and PrimaryPaint.

Dress Up: Professions– This is a fun app for young children to learn to identify color, professions, items of coloring, and how to differentiate left from right. Children also develop their fine motor skills and creativity as they dress up the cute children on the app, which contains about 30 puzzles and 100 garments for 15 professions. This app was developed by PlayToddlers and is suitable for both male and female children.

Quiver– This is an app designed on the principles of VR technology that makes the coloring process educative and fun. The app is designed for younger students as it turns 2-D images into 3-D images in just a few steps. The combination of the latest in augmented reality technology and “olden days” style coloring is used to make the coloring process a magical experience for kids and their parents and teachers. You can download the Quiver app at (; the app comes with free pages that can be saved and printed directly from the Quiver app.

Boulevard– Art classes are more immersive thanks to the VR experience provided by this program. Students can visit six art museums and experience famous artworks via virtual, augmented, or mixed reality. Boulevard is redefining an era and reshaping the art and culture narrative to the outside world.

Museums of the World– Museums of the World gives free access and availability to thousands of museums all around the globe. Whether you love art, culture, science, or travel, you can virtually travel anywhere in the world and gain knowledge. You can find events, exhibits, and shows based on GPS locations. There are also detailed presentations and galleries to give you all the information you need to get around and learn as much as possible.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art – The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s website includes information on visiting, current exhibitions, upcoming events, and information about the art contained in the museum. It also includes some pages with infographics and articles about the history of art, lesson plans to assist teachers with integrating works of art into their classroom, and other curriculum resources such as suggested book lists. For teachers planning a field trip to the museum, there are also lots of resources on how to do so and ideas of things to pre-teach to ensure students have the most valuable visit possible.

Preschool Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for preschool apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

Hooked on Phonics– The app, Learn to Read, is based on the award-winning Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read System and designed for kindergarten and preschool children. Hooked on Phonics provides your child with the simplest and most effective way to keep learning to read interesting. It is an educational app created for your kids to enjoy games, songs, and interactive entertainment in a unique style.

Montessori Preschool – is a comprehensive early learning app. It covers phonics, letter tracing, counting, shapes, colors… in a fun and engaging environment. With new games added every 2 months, the app also offers tons of activities to develop critical thinking, learn foreign languages, and even think like a coder! With its carefully crafted designs, Montessori Preschool is beautiful to look at and answers several user requests such as child profile management, screen time management, and even device space management. The app is free to download, and 10 games are completely free to try. Users who want to try more have a 7-day free trial period before the subscription (monthly or yearly) starts.

Toca Hair Salon – Cut, color, comb, and style the hair of six different characters in your own hair salon! Children oversee their hair salon and have all the tools of a real stylist, including scissors, electric hair trimmers, towels, shampoo, conditioner, and hair dryer. They can choose from 12 different hair dyes and 8 hair accessories

Funky Fruitilicious– The Funky Fruitilicious app helps children to learn in a delightful environment using visual learning techniques. The experience is most enjoyable when parents serve as a guide for their kids while playing it with them. The app is designed for preschoolers trying to learn the concept of counting and the basics of numbers. Funky Fruitilicious uses a variety of colorful game activities as well as funny audio sounds to improve kid’s learning.

Flashcard Stash– The Flashcard Stash is a new kind of flashcard that is built on top of a dictionary, which enables you to look up the flashcard words and save them. For instance, you can click on highlighted words for a quick definition or click on functions in the top right of every vocabulary flashcard such as synonyms, audio, and sentences. The AR Flashcards make learning fun and more entertaining for toddlers and preschoolers. With about 26 beautifully rendered Animals to help your toddler learn the alphabet, learning is fun with AR Flashcards.

Flashcards- Animal Alphabet – This app, created for younger students, teaches words by pairing them with colorful animal friends. The AR flashcards are a new means of interacting, and they make flashcards more interesting for preschoolers. When the child’s device is pointed at the printed flashcard, a beautifully designed 3-D animal pops up on the screen, and they will hear the letter and animal name when they tap on the animal.

JumpStart Preschool – Your preschooler needs to have fun learning, and JumpStart Preschool gives you just that! It is designed for your little kids to learn pre-reading and critical-thinking skills while on the go. Your kids will learn to recognize and count numbers, practice shapes, and colors while on the search for the best wiggly creatures to complete the collection. They will listen to stories by flipping through pages as words are read aloud.

Lexia Core5 Reading– Lexia® Core5® Reading is available to teach reading for preschoolers to fifth graders. It creates reading lessons based on research to find the best ways to teach individual students or small groups. Using this app, teachers can organize their learning environments in the most productive and conducive way. This app can be used in combination with Lexia® PowerUp Literacy™ and Lexia® RAPID™ Assessment to optimize reading experiences and reading groups in schools.

Learning Games for Kids– Learning Games for Kids provides children with games that help them to learn math, language, science, history, and more. Geared toward preschool to elementary aged children, these games are fun, visually stimulating, and auditorily appealing to keep kids engaged and wanting to learn more.

Math Leaper– Math Leaper, is designed to help preschool through grade eight students master mathematics. With power-ups, candies, achievements, and levels, Math Leaper makes learning a fun game. There are over 200 ways that Math Leaper tests students’ problem-solving abilities, and, while having fun, students may not even notice that they are learning so much.

Make A Scene: Farmyard– Make a Scene: Farmyard stimulates children’s creativity and allows them to design their own scenes. Little kids love cute farm animals, and this app has sheep, cows, ducks, chickens, and more. With hours of entertainment, they will learn and practice vocabulary, motor skills, and coordination simultaneously. They will be able to numerous scenes in this dynamic farmyard; for preschool to adult, this app will not disappoint.

Preschool Puzzle Math– Preschool Puzzle Math is a puzzle-solving game that teaches children math. It allows them to practice counting, simple addition, and subtraction. Preschool Puzzle Math helps your child develop the fundamental math skills that will help them going forward with mathematics. Your child learns to count, add, and find their way around tasking puzzle games with free-flowing gameplay. Suitable for ages three to seven.

Preschool & Kindergarten Games– This is a collection of 15 immersive games that combine fun and entertainment in a unique blend designed to engage and excite your preschool and kindergarten children. Students’ progress earns them stickers that they can attach to their board. Essential features in the apps such as appropriate voice narrations, beautiful illustrations, and playful sound effects help children to learn letters, spelling, math, and more. The apps use the preschool and kindergarten curriculums that comply with the Common Core Standards. The collection comes with two free games; additional games are available for purchase in-app.

Play Sight Words– This sight words app includes three games designed for Preschool and kindergarten students. Play Sight Words offers an immersive learning experience for children new to sight words. It also improves vocabulary and memory. It has three mini games that teach and reinforce learning.

Park Math– Learn to count, add, subtract, sort, and do more things with numbers while you play at the park with Blue Bear and his friends. Park Math introduces your child to basic math concepts. It is designed for children in kindergarten and preschool grades, between the ages of one and six. Take part in seven fun activities engineered to solidify their knowledge base. The game has two levels: Level 1 for counting up to 20, and addition/subtraction with numbers up to five. Level 2 lets you count up to 50 and add and subtract with numbers up to 10.

Nico & Nor Shadow Play– Shadow Play is an app that lets preschool children explore the science of shadows using beautiful simulations. With this app, children learn about shadows and develop their scientific method skills. The Shadows program has two apps (Shadow Play and Shadows Journal) working hand in hand to help preschool kids and their teachers to take pictures and partake in scavenger hunts and matching games.

Nico & Nor Coconut Star– Explore the Coconut Star World by solving puzzles using push, pull, and texture to get to new stars to win. This app provides a cheerful sojourn into the world of forces and motions using fireworks, water traps, and real-time feedback. The app provides opportunities for children to develop their scientific method skills. The Ramps program has two apps (Coconut Star and Ramps Journal) working hand in hand to help preschool kids and their teachers to record videos and results from experiments.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox– Preschoolers love games and are the best at learning, so Monkey Preschool Lunchbox combines both these elements. Designed for two- to five-year-olds, this app has six games to teach colors, letters, counting, shapes, sizes, matching, and spotting the differences. Fun monkeys assist the child, and cute sounds and designs make it appealing to young eyes and ears. Children will also learn fruits and numbers. Virtual stickers provide positive reinforcement for a job well done.

Shapes Toddler Preschool– Shapes Toddler Preschool allows toddlers to play and learn without additional help as it focuses on simplicity and makes use of full voice-overs. It exhibits colorful quizzes, flashcards, games, and puzzles and using positive reinforcement and fun prizes. The child-safe menu also permits parents to design gameplay and difficulty level.

PreK-12 Campus Security Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for PreK-12 campus security apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

GoPad for Schools – GoPad Secure for Schools is an iPad app with a cloud administrator dashboard focusing on child security, attendance, and communication.  GoPad takes every aspect of campus security into account, managing attendance for children, faculty, staff, and visitors. Information is synced between the classroom, front desk, and administration and is backed up locally and on the cloud. If there is power or Internet failure, local GoPad backup provides faculty and staff with required medical and contact information. Access to this information is critical in the event of an emergency evacuation or when students are off campus at a school event.

Comply Works Workforce Solution –The system executes existing governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) strategy with third-party contractors for complete compliance management. It also ensures that every worker has the right qualifications, permits, and security clearance. The system integrates document uploading and storage.

DIR-S – This is a school safety app, connecting schools and law enforcement with real-time chat and interactive maps. The Disaster Incident Report and Security (DIR-S) System is a software application customizable for you to manage emergencies and give you the maximum amount of time to respond and communicate in real time with those who will help.