Childcare Management Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for childcare management apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your childcare organization? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

Bob, the Child Care Manager– Bob, the Child Care Manager, is daycare management software designed to help you organize your administrative tasks. Even though it can be used internationally, this app was primarily designed for the Canadian market. Features include an automated collection of attendance, billing, subsidy calculations, and financial statements.

DayCare Information Systems PRO – This 5th generation daycare management software is a product that is used for tracking, maintaining, and organizing daycare centers, finances, and child records. This product has been customized for use in the smallest of home daycare centers, all the way up to larger daycare centers with multiple sites. Home and center-based software include classroom functions, express billing, payroll calculation, and networking capability.

EduManage – This is a cloud-based daycare management solution that simplifies reporting, payments, and course scheduling. It covers functions such as reporting, payments, course scheduling, and allergen tracking. The design is simple and user-friendly.

ChildCareIRiS – The ChildCareIRiS program helps to manage childcare staff schedules and roster and maintain consistent communication through multiple levels of management. The program provides an in-depth analysis that centers can use to manage staff efficiently and reduce operating costs. Services include intelligent attendance tracking, roster creation, and staff requirement projection. It integrates with two of the leading childcare management systems, Oncare and School Leader, to provide real-time access to child and staff data.

ChildWatch – ChildWatch provides monthly cloud-based childcare management services for PC, Mac, or mobile devices. It offers solutions for businesses of all sizes; services include QuickBooks compatibility, employee time clock, messaging and events calendar, electronic payments, portable meal capture, and more.

Cubsta  – This software is designed to create a paper-free, childcare environment. It is a cloud-based childcare management software that allows daycare workers to manage day-to-day operations and communicate with parents. It is a web-based software that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

EduKids Connect – A mobile app specially designed for early childhood programs.  It is a comprehensive childcare management software system and mobile app. It tracks attendance, automates various reports, uses digitized transactions such as billing. It helps teachers streamline daily record keeping, data entry tasks, and forms printing. It helps to manage staffing coverage by tracking teacher-to-student ratios throughout the day.

Jackrabbit Care – Jackrabbit childcare management software is a complete daycare and after-school management system for the typical childcare center, after school, and preschool programs. It includes a student check-in/out time clock, billing— including agency and split family billing, online registration, a parent portal, and immunization management. The app is available for one low, monthly price, and no contract.

Kid-e-Sys – Kid-e-Sys is a cloud-based online childcare management system designed to manage all the administrative, communicative, and accounting needs of any school. The platform offers services such as printing class lists, making attendance registers, maintaining birthday lists and emergency contacts, and creating name labels. Billing functions such as creating invoices, printing statements, and keeping a reference list of debtors are also available. Lastly, the platform helps to keep parents engaged using SMS, email, and assorted prints.

Kidsoft – This Software as a Service (SAAS) platform is an Australian-based childcare management solution, which delivers a broad range of services that are intuitive and innovative. Kidsoft is designed to provide a wide range of solutions to childcare owners and administrators. Services include childcare subsidy management, which offers various applications and features to help administrators run their facilities. It comes with API-ready functionality, which allows third-party applications to connect seamlessly with the Kidsoft system.

Kinderlime – This is a childcare management system designed for daycare and after-school activities. This cloud-based software provides features necessary for daycare owners to automate online billing, communicate with parents, share photos of kids with parents, enable online registration and sign in, and track attendance. With the Kinderlime app, developmental milestones can be created and tracked; this information can also be shared with parents or staff. Kinderlime is available as web and mobile software.

KINDERPEDIA – This is a childcare management platform built to help teachers and parents to communicate better; it is an interactive digital solution that allows teachers, parents, and kindergarteners to come together on the same platform. For administrators running a daycare, all they must do is register with an official email, build their public profile, add their educators to the platform with email invitations, create classes, and add children to the classes. There is also an option for parents to log in to the app to have access to the personalized profile of their kids.

KinderSoft – KinderSoft is a Preschool management software that assists in the day to day management of nurseries; it helps to automate the management of preschools, store child/parent details, and manage bookings and waiting lists.

Kindertales – This is a cloud-based childcare management software solution designed to handle the automation of many of the day-to-day activities of a childcare center. The software provides tools that track attendance and staff hours, handle recurring family billing, create financial statistics and compliance reports, provide comprehensive waitlist and inquiry manager support. The software provides apps that satisfy various aspects of daycare management, such as the director portal, classroom app, and mobile app for parents.

KinderTrack – This software is designed for agencies that provide subsidized childcare programs and facilities—either states or local government agencies. KinderTrack performs all the required management, tracking, and reporting tasks; its database is relational, which allows the platform to be implemented for small systems as well as large areas such as an entire state. The platform has stock reports that can be customized to suit your specific agency, country, and state; entire databases can be exported to your IS department, or you can implement ad-hoc offline reporting using any reporting tool.

Kindiedays – This is a platform created by Finnish childcare professionals, which provides numerous applications that allow quality early childhood education and care. The platform consists of both mobile apps and a web-based platform that empowers educators, engages families, and streamlines the management processes of a daycare center. The platform provides an educator app that helps administrators document a child’s activities and support the child’s learning. There is also a family app that allows parents to have access to their children’s learning moments and get a better understanding of the child’s development.

Learning Clubhouse – This childcare management software is fully customizable and designed for childcare providers who need to simplify and automate various tasks. The app provides tools that help with scheduling, lesson planning, invoicing, check-in, and online registration. It comes with an interactive dashboard that contains features such as classroom attendance monitor and an alert system for teachers when kids need to be moved. The app helps with menu planning, staff timesheets, and daily child reports.

MAGGEY – MAGGEY is a childcare management software solution with features such as attendance tracking, food programs, scheduling, and more. This software relies on data automation to carry out its functions. Other features include child and sponsor photos, client ledgers, financial reports, year-end statements, deposit reports, and child and staff scheduling.

MomentPath – This is a built as a full-suite childcare management solution designed specifically for preschools and daycares. Some of its features include the ability to do automated billing and timesheets. The app can handle all the users’ preschool organizational and administrative needs while helping teachers share special moments with a child’s family. The app is available anywhere and anytime on any device.

Prism – Prism helps to automate and streamline the processes of childcare management. It offers access to consultancy for more insight into childcare. It also includes nursery management features.

Procare Software – This software solution helps to simplify childcare management and parent interaction. Procare Software also features an effective system for billing payments and receipts.

Schoolknot – Schoolknot is a childcare management system for young children and other schools. It helps to foster the relationship between parents and teachers and encourages better student performance. It can be used to manage school registration, publish curriculum schedules, manage events, send day-to-day attendance and homework, run school campaigns, and improve the flow of communication between parents, students, and teachers.

KidKare – KidKare allows daycare owners and professionals to assign correct reimbursement rates to each child based on family income eligibility. With this platform, meal production records can be simplified, and you can stay organized and in compliance with state and federal regulations. It allows daycare professionals to spend less time worrying about managing menus, recording point-of-service meals, or taking attendance. KidKare can be used from any device.

KidKeeper Solutions – KidKeeper Solutions is a home daycare management system that can be run on Mac, PC, Android, or iPhone. This software is engineered to provide all the tools necessary for daycare professionals to run their businesses effectively while having enough hands-on time to interact with the kids. The software displays the most important information on its dashboard; all other functions can be accessed from a toolbar. The software boasts desktop-grade Internet encryption to ensure that client data is secure.

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