Dear Teacher BFF, Thanks for Helping Me Get Through This Year

Dear Teacher BFF,

As the academic year comes to a close, I find myself reflecting on all the memories and experiences we’ve shared in such an unprecedented time. Throughout the chaos and uncertainty of this year, there has been one constant force that has pushed me forward–you, my dear teacher bestie.

From the very start, your passion for education and enthusiasm for our students’ success have been an inspiration. You’ve taken your role as a teacher to heart, making sure each student receives the support they need to excel academically and emotionally. Thanks to your warm presence as both a mentor and friend, our classroom has become a safe haven in times of crisis.

Your unwavering support throughout the struggles of remote learning transformed what could have been an uphill battle into an educational experience filled with growth. You approached each challenge and change with optimism that was truly contagious, never letting the roadblocks get in the way of your commitment to teaching. I am grateful to have had you by my side during such trying times.

On top of helping our students succeed, you’ve always been there for me personally, providing a listening ear and valuable advice when I needed it most. Your kindness and patience have made it easy to confide in you about our professional challenges and personal setbacks alike. You’ve become more than just a colleague—you’re my rock in this whirlwind teaching world.

Looking back now, I can’t imagine facing these unprecedented trials without you beside me. The laughs we’ve shared while tackling lesson plans together bring lightness to even the toughest days. Your words of wisdom are nuggets of truth that have guided my journey as an educator—strengthening my unpreparedness into powerful resilience.

As I think about the future of education, I am confident that we will continue to collaborate and grow together, breaking through any barriers that may come our way. With you by my side, there is no doubt that our students will have the brightest prospects possible.

So thank you, my dear teacher BFF, for helping me get through this year and every year to come. Your friendship and unwavering belief in our shared mission mean the world to me, and I can’t wait to see what we will accomplish together next.

Yours sincerely,

A Grateful Friend and Co-Teacher

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