Digital Library Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for digital library apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

Bookshare– This digital library offers reading options for people of different educational levels, ages, and, most importantly, the visually impaired. Children with some visual impairment, physical disability, or severe learning disability can benefit from using this platform. Books are accessible in different formats, even for non-impaired individuals who enjoy reading books in other formats.

Fun Phonics for your Little Genius– Teaching kids aged 4 to 6 with this iBook and eBook app will show them how to use their letter sounds to read and write. The student will learn the sounds of the alphabet and how they are used to read and spell words.

Kids A-Z– Children can select from a library of eQuizzes, eBooks, and hundreds of developmentally appropriate eResources by using the Kids A-Z mobile app. Students can complete corresponding quizzes to improve their comprehension skills and use interactive annotation tools that aid in the development of close reading skills. Kids A-Z mobile app is a must-have for kids that have access to Raz-Kids, Science A-Z, Headsprout, or Raz-plus. 

Epic! – This is an eBook library for children under 12 in North America with over 15,000 top-shelf books; there is a version available for educators and one for parents (home). Epic! for the home is the version for children; this app accommodates four children profiles that function independently of one another. Available for only $4.99 per month. Epic for educators is the version for educators and librarians; it is free in the US and Canada. 

Reading RainbowReading Rainbow is a way to provide your child with an extensive collection of books—up to 10 million books and video field trips for children. This app has an extensive library of books that would engage kids for a long time and awaken their imagination. The recommended age for children to use this app is three through nine years old; the book collections include fiction and nonfiction, as well as videos of field trips hosted by LeVar Burton.

Raz-KidsRaz-kids is a website built to help teachers track their students’ progress in level-based reading challenges that span 29 interactive levels. On the site, teachers can easily track each student’s progress with the eQuizes comprehension tests that come with the over 400 eBooks. More books are added every month. Students can be digitally assessed via the online records generated by the site after the student take an eQuiz. The app always aims to strengthen the connection between home and classroom by allowing students to be connected to the learning resources . 

LibroVox Audio Books– LibroVox Audio Books gives access to over 50,000 downloadable audiobooks. Audiobooks are the reading of the future. They create an easy way to consume knowledge while running, driving, working out, gardening, or doing anything while anywhere. It also allows you to have more space in your home. Instead of having stacks of books, magazines, and papers everywhere, they are all stored on your phone that you always carry with you anyway. This app also helps us save countless trees.

Sail the BookSail the Book uses Google Earth to transport the reader on a virtual journey to locations mentioned in six inspirational books of maritime nonfiction literature. Google earth also involves activities that use the ruler tool, historical imagery, and street view. 

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