There are numerous rivers in the world. Rivers are essential for many reasons. They provide water for drinking; they give access to shipping and transport through waterways; they offer fertile soil for agriculture with their alluvial silt, which nurtures plant life and supports wildlife living in them or around them. Rivers are an essential resource for humans throughout the world. Here are some of the world’s most famous rivers:

The Nile River

The longest river in the world is the Nile River in North and East Africa. It runs through Uganda, Kenya, Sudan, and Egypt before ending in a large delta in the Mediterranean Sea. It is approximately 6695 kilometers long. The source of this mighty river was undetermined for many years until explorers proved that the ultimate authority was Lake Victoria.

The Amazon river

This is the second-longest river in the world and contains the most water. One of the types of fish that live in the Amazon, called Pirarucu, can grow up to 3m in length.  The Amazon River is in South America and is approximately 6,400km long.

Trickling out of Lake Mantaro in the Andes mountain range in Peru, the Amazon River flows through Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Brazil until it enters the Atlantic Ocean.

The Yangtze river

The Yangtze river is the longest river in Asia and the third-longest river in the world. It is heavily polluted. This river is the lifeblood of China as it is its main waterway. It is 6300 kilometers long, and its basin covers 1,808,500 square kilometers. It is the longest river in a single country in the world.

The Ganges river

This is also one of the most famous rivers, 2525km long. It starts in the Himalayas and flows through Nepal, India, and Bangladesh before reaching the Bay of Bengal. It is one of India’s most sacred rivers, and Hindus bathe in its waters to cleanse themselves or pay tribute. Sacred fish swim in the Ganges, and turtles and alligators live there too.

The Mississippi River

This river is 3,766km long. It starts in Minnesota and ends in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s not just famous for being so long; it flows through or borders ten states, with Iowa and Missouri having their borders meet with the river at opposite sides. The Mississippi River also flows through or borders Louisiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Mississippi.

The Danube River

the Danube River is a major European waterway. It is 2850km long, making it the 2nd longest river in Europe (after the Volga in Russia). This river flows through or borders Germany, Austria, Slovakia,  Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine.

The River Thames

This river runs through London. Over 200 bridges cross the Thames.  It is tidal up to Teddington Lock near London. The Thames can be dangerous to navigate as it has whirlpools and strong undercurrents.

The Congo River

Another of the most famous rivers in the world is the Congo River, which is located in Africa and reaches up to 220m deep in places! The Congo River is 4750km long and is the second largest river in Africa (after the Nile). It is also the deepest river in the world.

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