Foreign Language Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for foreign language apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

Duo-learning – This is a language learning platform that enables students to speak and practice foreign languages with defined parameters and benchmarks. It works with a communicative approach that lets students practice together on specific topics that match their pedagogical goals. The platform helps to track students’ learning curves with onboard testing.

Duolingo– This is one of the most popular free apps for learning languages; it offers about 30 languages for you to explore. You can log on to your account from any device to continue your education. It also allows you to practice reading, writing and listening as you learn.

Lyrics Gaps– Lyrics Gaps is a unique way to learn new languages. By translating your favorite songs into a new language and allowing you to practice typing it out, you will soon be singing all your favorite tunes in foreign languages. You can invite your friends over or sing directly onto Lyrics Gaps from an Internet connection to have a battle with your friends in other languages.

Quick Study– Quick Study is a great app to help you learn foreign languages. With text-to-speech and audio recordings to help you learn to pronounce words correctly, Quick Study will help you learn one or more of more than five common languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, and more. You can easily create lists, vocab sets, and practice your new lessons all for free.

Rosetta Stone Travel App – This app is an effective technology-based solution for learning a language. You complete the course by finishing mini-lessons and the in-built phrasebook. The app is built on the belief that learning ought to be fun; that is why it uses a natural method to teach the new language directly without provision for translation, which makes language learning easier with less confusion.

Skoolbo – With step-by-step lessons in reading, math, science, foreign languages, music, art, and geography, Skoolbo can support students in a variety of subjects. With the Skoolbo Learning Algorithm, each student has their strengths and weaknesses constantly assessed so that individually tailored learning activities can be presented with just the right amount of repetition and reinforcement. It has a highly engaging learning environment complete with animations, games, challenges, and rewards. Within Skoolbo, there are separate areas for parents, teachers, and children. Parents and teachers are given a variety of tools and assessment results that allow them to understand the child’s current academic levels and set future achievement goals. It is currently used by children in more than 150 countries and is fully aligned with Common Core State Standards.

Waygo – A visual translation service, offline travel translator, and dictionary for Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, Waygo uses your phone camera to translate any written text into English. Perfect for the foreign language classroom or to help newly arrived students, this app allows you to see and hear the pronunciation of the words in English as well as the originating language.

Busuu– This is an easy to use app that teaches English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Chinese, and six other languages to its over 60 million users. Language lessons can be scheduled to fit your timetable using the study plan option. Join the growing community of language students on the Busuu platform.

Naver Papago Translate– Papago is a multilingual talking parrot that is ready to help you with all your translation needs. Proficient in 11 languages, Papago can help you on your travels, business trips, and language classes. Papagomeans Parrotin Esperanto, a bird with language and speech abilities. The 11 languages supported on this app are Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, and Russian.

Speak and Translate– Speak and Translate is a voice and text translator that works offline. Offline, ten common languages are available, including Chinese, English, French, German, and Spanish. While using the online mode, there are 117 languages available for text translation and 54 languages available for voice translation. With a section for translation history, users can review past translations or access commonly translated phrases. The app also includes a text-based language detection algorithm for the user that isn’t sure of the source text language. Speak and Translate is currently compatible with iPhones, iPads, and the Apple Watch.

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