Foundational Reading Building Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for foundational reading apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

Whooo’s Reading – The goal of Whooo’s Reading is accelerated reading comprehension and improved writing skills. By using open-ended questions instead of the standard true/false and multiple-choice style, students are required to think independently about texts. The Whooo’s Reading program automatically reminds students to improve their writing by asking them to cite evidence or answer all the parts of a question. Teachers can monitor student’s reading with automatic quiz results, graded by the Whooo’s Reading app, available in the teacher dashboard. To increase student motivation, students earn Wisdom Coins for reading and writing. These can be spent on accessories and items for their Owlvatars (owl avatars).

BiblioNasium– A website exclusively for children between the ages of 6 and 13. It aims to promote the reading habit among children. Equipped with peer and parental controls, it presents an effective and stimulating program for the user. Using this app, you can adapt reading to fit the child’s needs, monitor his/her reading log, and help the child explore a variety of reading genres. Reading data is saved online and is always accessible.

PocketPhonics Stories – This is an interactive phonics app that teaches children to read. It provides individual supervision in a classroom setting. After setting up the classroom, teachers can choose a handwriting style, case, and six letters that children can learn per lesson. After learning the letters, students move on to reading with them, along with a few sight words. At the end of the book, students take tests on word and picture recognition and progress after completion.

Curriculet  This reading platform aims at overhauling and changing the way children study and the way teachers teach. Programmed questions and instructions pop up while a child is reading a text from the class. Using this tool, teachers can personalize the reading experience for their students; it also helps them to create and share the contents of their study digitally.

 Kids A-Z Children can select from a library of eQuizzes, eBooks, and hundreds of developmentally appropriate eResources by using the Kids A-Z mobile app. Students can complete corresponding quizzes to improve their comprehension skills and use interactive annotation tools that aid in the development of close reading skills. Kids A-Z mobile app is a must-have for kids that have access to Raz-Kids, Science A-Z, Headsprout, or Raz-plus. technology into schools than to use it for evaluating them and finding ways to benefit them.

Raz-Kids– Raz-kids is a website built to help teachers track their students’ progress in level-based reading challenges that span 29 interactive levels. On the site, teachers can easily track each student’s progress with the eQuizes comprehension tests that come with the over 400 eBooks. More books are added every month. Students can be digitally assessed via the online records generated by the site after the student take an eQuiz. The app always aims to strengthen the connection between home and classroom by allowing students to be connected to the learning resources.

Reading Raven– This is an educational game designed to help kids build a solid foundation in reading. It makes use of engaging, fun step-by-step reading lessons. This game allows the user to progress using self-paced reading activities. Children go on reading adventures with fly eating frogs, circus acrobats, underwater sea creatures, and more. This app uses children’s imagination to create reading adventures that help solidify their reading skills and strengthen their imagination.

Reading Trainer – Reading Trainer helps users to not only read texts of all types faster and more effectively but also with great retention. It is designed with a PowerReader to double your reading speed by an average of 143 percent within 10 days. Combining the iPhone with this new app provides the ideal platform to achieve measurable results with a minimum of effort.

Reading Kingdom The Reading Kingdom is an online program that teaches children between the ages of four and ten years old to read and write to a third-grade standard. This reading program makes available six new skill models of reading methods that use elements of phonics and whole language to teach skills that make reading and writing easy and successful. The app was built to circumvent the problems of phonics and whole language.

Monkey Word School Adventure – The Monkey Word School Adventure app uses six exercises to help children learn the basics of reading using phonics and word groups. The app allows children to enter their names to personalize the jungle-like experience, led by the Word Monkey. The completion of a round is rewarded with animals and plants that children can add to their terrarium. The app supports up to three accounts, so different children can use the same app.

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