Free Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for free apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

Google Apps for Education– Google Apps for Education offers several free apps available for educators and parents. With this app, students can work together on their files with a live display showing what part is being edited by whom. Also, students can come together in a group to create a diagram, prepare a presentation with a slideshow, and so on.

Kialo – Kialo is a free platform created to host insightful debates and discuss complex issues. Users can join in on current discussions or create new threads, and these threads can be made open or restricted to the public. After the topic is out, users can either be for (pro) or against (con) and add their opinions (claims). Kialo allows topic creators to moderate claims so that they are fresh, stay on topic, and are non-offensive.

TypingClub–  This website is designed to teach people how to type using the touch-typing method. The website and lessons are free. TypingClub teaches kids the parts of the keyboard, finger placement, and other skills needed to become proficient. The app also offers interesting games for kids to do between lessons.

Endless Wordplay: School Edition – Kids learn to form words using only the letters that the Alphabot has shaken out of place. Children tap on letters to hear the sounds they make, and they arrange them in the correct order to form words. Each stage of the game gets progressively harder, and the words also get longer as they proceed through the game. The personal version is free and includes three of the 90 available modules, while the school edition has a fixed cost.

Google Classroom– You can carry out most of your classroom operations in one comfortable location with the Google Classroom app. Administering quizzes, giving classwork and homework, and making announcements are made easier with this app. The Google Classroom works in unity with other Google apps such as Google Docs. Thus, students can work in cooperation on assignments and automatically save their work on Google Doc.

PBS LearningMedia – is available for free to all pre-K through 12th-grade educators across the U.S. The educational platform offers classroom-ready content aligned to state and national standards, compatible with the technological tools that teachers use most throughout their classroom, such as Google Classroom, Clever, and Remind. The platform can be used by teachers in a variety of ways, including identifying and organizing their curated resources; reviewing a list of their state’s standards; managing class assignments; and creating lesson plans, puzzles, and quizzes for students.

Digital Civics Toolkit – This free website is designed for teachers to use as a resource for lessons on modern civic engagement and participation. It features five modules to use in interacting with students: Participate, Investigate, Dialogue, Voice, and Action. Each of these modules is designed to provide students with political awareness.

NaturalReader – NaturalReader is a resource for children with reading difficulties, even those without any learning disability. It works by copying text from any supported source into the tool. The free version works fine on documents, and the paid version allows users to save sound files they create and add NaturalReader to their toolbar. Spell checking, conversation control, and an OCR (Optical Character Reader) functions are available in the paid version.

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