Free Education Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for free education apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

1000 Sight Words Superhero– Children learn to read and spell the 1000 most commonly repeated words. The app groups these sight words into 50 sets containing 20 words each to avoid flooding the child with 1000 words at once. To avoid unintended repetition, the user can highlight words previously learned and focus on new words or a set of words.

ABC Alphabet Phonics– A free app that teaches toddlers and young children who are learning to speak. By applying various senses (sight, sound, etc.), children can learn the alphabet and a few other optional subjects. Parents can also customize the app using their voice and taking photos of their child’s favorites items to make the experience more stimulating and personal.

ChatterPix Kids– The ChatterPix app lets you use still images taken with your phone’s camera, record your voice over them, and make them chatter! This free app does not collect any personal data, and it does not contain any third-party ads or in-app purchases. Suitable for children between the ages of 6 and 12.

Classroom Carrots– This free app helps teachers maintain good behavior, encourage student participation, and much more. Student behaviors can be measured instantly on this app, and proper behavior is rewarded. Teachers can record attendance and achievements using the reporting tool, and the rewards book module allows them to interact with parents, build up their classrooms, and distribute stickers around the school.

Duolingo– This is one of the most popular free apps for learning languages; it offers about 30 languages for you to explore. You can log on to your account from any device to continue your education. It also allows you to practice reading, writing and listening as you learn.

Google Apps for Education–  Google Apps for Education offers several free apps available for educators and parents. With this app, students can work together on their files with a live display showing what part is being edited by whom. Also, students can come together in a group to create a diagram, prepare a presentation with a slideshow, and so on.

Lantiv Timetabler – This app is an organizational tool built for primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions. It is a free app that helps an institution save all the necessary information on its database and to use it for administrative purposes. The app can be used to create a timetable and detect any conflicts that might occur with the information provided. The app also features interactive tutorials and a collection of tools that can help a user get used to using the software.

Little Bird Tales– Little Bird Tales helps young children create and design stories with their own voice, art, and imagination. Budding artists will find that there is no end to the stories and worlds they can create as they are building their creativity, writing, and reading skills. Reading and writing will be your child’s new favorite hobbies after they see how much fun they can have with Little Bird Tales. With no ads or popups, Little Bird Tales is a free app that allows children to share their creations with family and friends easily.

Math Chimp Worksheets– Math Chimp is filled with games, videos, and worksheets based on Common Core Standards for math. This is a free app specifically geared toward children in grades one through eight. Math Chimp is a one-stop-shop for all things that are math related.

ModMath– ModMath is a free app that helps students who have dyslexia and dysgraphia with their math problems. This app will follow your student or child as they progress, and it constantly offers tips and tricks and guides them every step of the way. Students can do problems on the iPad and then print, save, email, or share their work.

Periodic Table– This periodic table app includes many illustrations and fun facts intended to infuse fun into periodic table lessons for the young learner. This free app was designed on the blueprint of the highly rated Royal Society of Chemistry Periodic Table website. Periodic Table is useful for students and teachers as well as the average knowledge seeker.

Vernier Go Direct® Sensors with Graphical Analysis™ 4 – Go Direct® sensors collect real-time data from science experiments and lab work and connect directly to student computers or mobile devices. Each of the 40+ types of sensors offered by Vernier are all-in-one style sensors that come with software. Vernier also produces textbooks, with experiments designed to complement their sensors for Chemistry, Physical Science, and middle school science. All purchases include the free app Graphical Analysis 4, which helps students create real-time graphs of their experimental data.

Bamboozle– Bamboozle is a free educational game that can be used to test cooperation and knowledge among students. Students do not need to create accounts or login to play. It can be projected onto a projector, smartboard, or a monitor. Students can also use this app to assess their performance level by themselves.

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