Grammar Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for grammar apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

Grammar Pop– If you’re looking for a fun word game for adults or you want your kids to learn parts of speech as quickly as possible, the Grammar Pop is for you. With this fun game, you match words with parts of speech of pop clouds and advance from nouns and verbs to gerunds and participles.

Grammaropolis– Mastering grammar is fun with Grammaropolis. This website has downloadable apps that include videos, games, books, and quizzes. Grammaropolis is the home of grammar! It uses the parts of speech as animated characters in videos, songs, books, and interacting games. The Grammaropolis is innovative and classroom proven.

Little Matchups ABC Alphabet Letters and Phonics Little Matchups ABC Alphabet Letters and Phonics is a matching game to help reinforce your little one’s alphabet skills. Children are impressionable and fun-loving, and they need cute ways to learn. Loved by parents, kids, and teachers alike, this app will help your infant to four-year-old have fun and learn uppercase and lowercase letters. They will develop a firm basis for future learning in English, grammar, and reading that to carry them through life.

Mingoville– With 10 missions, you can use Mingoville to learn the English language. The app has a dictionary that is available in 32 languages and contains over 10,000 audio clips to help you learn to pronounce all types of words. There are also 130 games and activities that will reinforce spelling, reading, grammar, and pronunciation. If you love to sing, there are also 10 songs that you can sing along; you can also participate with your friends.

Quill– Quill is a writing tutorial app for teachers designed to help students become better writers. Quill is a nonprofit organization, and its goal is to provide tools such as Quill to help make students better writers. Quill uses web applications to create engaging content for students that helps them learn grammar, writing skills, and vocabulary. Using the teacher dashboard, you can monitor students’ progress according to the Common Core Standards; this feature also makes grading more intuitive and meaningful.

SentenceBuilder– SentenceBuilder™  is designed to help elementary aged children comprehend how to construct grammatically correct sentences as it emphasizes connector words that make up over 80 percent of the English language. SentenceBuilder™ offers a vibrant, fun environment for enhancing children’s grammar.

Sumdog – Aligned to the Common Core and key state standards, Sumdog provides K-8 learning in math, spelling, and grammar. With an adaptive learning engine, questions are targeted to everyone’s academic learning level providing automatic differentiation in the classroom. Questions are purposefully designed to blend new learning and review. Sumdog is full of engaging activities and games designed to keep students motivated through a focus on game-based learning. With a subscription, teachers have access to detailed reports providing information on progress, effort, skills, and growth against the standards for each student. Sumdog uses a positive reward system to help ensure continued student engagement. For correct answers, students earn gold coins which can be “spent” in Sumdog’s in-app store. There is also an optional pet reward program where each student has a virtual pet that learns one new trick for each new skill the student masters.

The Interactive Grammar of English – A comprehensive introduction to English grammar, from the absolute basics to advanced level construction, The Interactive Grammar of English is a guide to the structure of English. Designed to be viewed from mobile devices, students and teachers can access English grammar rules and troubleshoot English grammar questions from anywhere. It includes a complete grammatical glossary, hundreds of exercises and quizzes, and tons of real English examples.

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