High School Assessment Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for high school assessment tools, and resources that you can use with your students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

SwiftAssess– An assessment authoring, management, delivery, and tracking platform for teachers, schools, universities, and professional training. With SwiftAssess, you get the following: automating admission, transforming students’ course work and activities, continuous professional development, and accreditation compliance. SwiftAssess brings a new dimension to the way students are evaluated and aligned with common core standards.

Zoom In– Zoom In includes 18 interactive, document-based inquiry units for American History classes. It is Zoom In’s goal to ensure that teachers are challenging students with authentic, engaging texts; working with students to write explanatory and argumentative essays; teaching debate with claims and counterclaims, and ensuring students use evidence, including period documents, to back up their ideas. Zoom In provides teachers with assessment tools such as interactive rubrics to give personalized writing feedback to students.

aPlus+ Results – aPlus+ Results presents accurate and up-to-date student assessment results and related achievement information. The interface is designed to provide relevant information and functionality customized for teachers, students, and administrators. It keeps educators up to date with the latest results and helps them identify areas where students need further development along with possible strategies.

Literatu– Literatu is an assessment method for teachers of children grades kindergarten through twelve. Using a basic curriculum, Literatu will assess students in a timely way through formative assignments. It will test them in all areas of reading and reading comprehension and understanding.

Naiku Platform– Naiku Platform goes beyond traditional bubble sheet replacements for student assessments; students interactively communicate with the platform to completely digest the information that it passes. Every test becomes a lesson with the immediate feedback provided after each assessment session. This app features a confidence-based assessment, which lets students assign a score to the level of confidence they have in their answers. It also allows them to offer a valid reason for the response they provide. Student The reflection feature enables students to re-examine their choices after they receive their papers from their teachers; this helps them to internalize the results and the knowledge they have acquired.

JoeZoo– JoeZoo is a grading and feedback app that helps teachers to make their feedback and grading to be more effective and hassle-free. It also guides students in developing 21st-century skills in all assignments without any hassle. JoeZoo is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered assessment app that was nominated for the 2015 Digital Innovation in Learning award.

EDaura –It is a mobile skill-based learning environment focused on improving learners’ skills through robust formative and summative assessments. EDaura allows educators to measure learning outcomes and abilities to help learners develop and improve throughout the course. It provides complete assignment management from the creation process to the correction and publishing stage.

Spiral – With Spiral’s suite of free educational apps, teachers can transform their classroom into an interactive learning space. Apps can be used by the teacher to give quick formative assessments, help compile student portfolios, facilitate group projects, and turn any video into a live chat with discussion questions. Students simply need to have a device (smartphone, tablet, computer), and Spiral takes care of the rest, linking the devices and pushing out the teacher-designed content. Teachers can load pre-designed content or ask questions on the fly—Spiral can adapt to any teaching style. There is even a grade book section that teachers can use to document summative assessments, record student notes, and export to share with parents. Spiral can be applied across grade levels and with any subject.

FlinnPREP– Using a blended learning approach, The FlinnPREP allows science teachers to personalize learning and empower students to learn critical concepts and skills. Each course features content that is easy to understand, curated OER, videos, games, formative and summative assessments as well as full-length practice exams aligned with the learning objectives. Students also have access to practice and review exercises, and they can prepare for AP exams without anyone’s help and at their pace.

TurnItIn for Educators – TurnItIn for Educators is a website that helps support academic integrity in schools. Teachers can detect plagiarized content with the world’s most effective plagiarism detection software. Using forensic linguistic analysis and Natural Language Processing (NLP), TurnItIn can determine if students are writing their own papers or using a third party. The website also provides professional development resources for teachers to improve the feedback they provide for students and lesson plans to use with students to build integrity skills

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