How to multiply fractions by other fractions

Working out how to times fractions might be daunting, especially when multiplying fractions with whole numbers, but we’re here to help. All you need to do is multiply the numerators and the denominators. You could even treat them as two different multiplication problems involving whole numbers if it makes the process easier. But first, let’s take a look at an example of how to multiply fractions together:

  • Let’s follow the steps of the poster above. So we need to work out 2/4 × 3/6.
  • Multiply the numerators first. That’s as simple as working out 2×3=6.
  • Next, we can focus on the denominators. Again, we can treat this as a multiplication problem involving whole numbers, so we work out that 4×6=24.
  • Now we can reconstruct our fraction to give us our answer of 6/24.

The last step in multiplying fractions is getting them into their simplest form. In this instance, 6 and 24 have a common factor of 6, so we can divide the whole thing by 6. Our final simplified answer is 1/4.

Now that we’ve covered how to multiply fractions for the first time let’s look at another example. Soon, your class will all know how to times fractions.

  • This time, we will work out the answer to 3/5 × 3/9.
  • Let’s start by multiplying our numerators. That’s as simple as working out that 3×3=9.
  • Next, we take a look at the denominators. For this, we need to work out that 5×9=45.
  • By putting the fraction back together, we’ve reached 9/45.
  • These numbers are divisible by 9, so we can go down to our final answer of 1/5.

How else can I help children with fraction multiplication?

Helping learners get to grips with how to multiply fractions can be challenging, especially considering that every child learns differently. Here at Twinkl, we’ve produced a variety of resources that will ensure that everyone can master fraction multiplication. They’ve all been curated by our team of experienced teachers and follow national curriculum standards. As a result, you can rest assured that children learn and apply only relevant skills and knowledge.

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