K-12 School Management Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for K-12 school management apps, tools, and resources that you can use in your district? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

Abre – Abre provides apps and functionality for learning management, school management, and data/analytics for the entire learning community. The app is useful for teachers, parents, and school administrators, delivering learning options to their students. It was developed by a team of educators and technology experts with decades of experience in the classroom and boardroom.

Academia SMS – Academia SMS is a school management system that ensures standardized and effective school processes, reduced costs and effort, greater accountability, and faster decision-making. It opens a communication channel between students, teachers, parents, and school authorities. This free-flowing information system speeds up the decision-making process.

Advanta Rapid – This app provides comprehensive school management and school administration ERP system software. It includes 28 modules that help manage all aspects of a school pertaining to students, teachers, and staff. Advanta ERP comes with a 30-day free trial period for new subscribers.

Aedu School Management Software  – AEDU software is designed for managing educational institutes of all sizes. This software has two separate apps for parents and drivers. It provides solutions to fee payments. It also allows parents to monitor students’ movements and lets them contact drivers in case of delays.

AIMS PLUS – This tool is a school management and ERP solution for students, exam administration, and performance analysis. It allows teachers to monitor and report the performance of children in K-12 classes. It helps teachers become more efficient and identify at-risk students by providing brief, concise, comprehensive student data at any point.

Algaurizin School Management System – This school administration software provides schools with an effective way to manage both academics and student progress. The app provides features to manage various school activities such as campus elements/functions, student enrollment, attendance, human resource, personnel, and report generation.

ALLIO  – Allio Education System is a software development company operating out of Tirana, Albania. It is a school management software for planning lessons and managing staff, students, transportation, attendance, events, classes, and more. It is accessible on any web browser, as well as Android and iOS devices.

Archivist Online – This school management software helps to manage student profiles, fees, exams, accounts, and SMS alerts for schools. It has a low initial installation fee that gradually increases as your needs become more complex. The parent portal allows parents to interact with the school and get up to speed with reports, fees, announcements, and so on.

Aulano – Aulano is a cloud-based school management software that features lesson scheduling, attendance tracking, and a student database. It helps you to automate the processes required to run your school. Aulano’s student self-service portal automatically updates itself using the most dynamic modules and scheduled lessons, providing timetables, downloadable course material, and more.

AyoTree – AyoTree is a cloud-based school management software intended for traditional and online schools to manage scheduling, attendance, payments, and virtual classrooms. It allows you to access your account from any device, anywhere in the world. It is available for a nominal fee with no hidden charges; provides all-day customer service, even on weekends.

Bidyaan – Bidyaan is an automated school management solution with features such as admissions, attendance, HR, library, teacher portal, and more. It is one of the main school management systems operating in Bangladesh. It is useful for schools of different sizes and levels. There are user panels dedicated to various roles such as administrators, HRM, exam control, teachers, students, parents, librarians, and transportation.

BlueBic – BlueBic is a cloud-based school management software that combines features for running a school on a simple, flexible, and reliable platform. BlueBic uses the latest tech innovations, standards, and tools to help parents stay up to date with their children’s development and fee payments. It aims to reduce the workload for teachers and staff members using its automated processes. It also reduces human errors involved with data entry.

Bluewings – Bluewings is a powerful mobile, cloud-based platform that offers complete school management capabilities in a single application. It targets K-12 educational institutions in India, the US, and the Middle East. It provides curriculum and financial management services, an online calendar, parent/student portal, and reports/analysis.

Breeze – This is a school management, student information, and collaboration system for schools, independent colleges, and even extracurricular establishments. Whether you are organizing sports training, planning music recitals, or teaching language classes, Breeze is the school ERP that fits into your agenda and intelligently improves it.

BrightSkool This is an advanced end-to-end school management solution with features for staff, students, parents, teachers, and administrators. BrightSkool is cloud-based and only requires an Internet connection to function. It was designed especially for nursery, preschool, and K-12 schools. It helps administrators manage their affairs and communicate with teachers, students, and parents.

Chalk– Chalk.com is a website designed to suggest effective and efficient means of school management to administrators while equipping them with the proper means to implement these ideas. The website also offers structured, standard syllabus materials to teachers. It also provides a feedback system for the school to monitor students’ progress and send comprehensive notifications to parents.

Chalkbox – Chalkbox is a school management software solution designed to manage all aspects of the school environment. It has a simple user interface, integrated with all the essentials of a school management software programs. Features include fee management, library management, hostel management, and event and news management.

ClassReach – ClassReach is a school management software that allows users to manage assignments, reports, calendars, grades, and more. It allows you to generate reports, create forms, record attendance and grade tests, and add events to your calendar.

Com School Management Software  – This is a complete solution for all types of schools; services include registrations, admissions, fee structure, and bus routes. It also offers modules for examinations, assessment, inventory, SMS Server, e-records, teacher remarks, phone register, and transportation management.

MySchoolWorx – MySchoolWorx is a school management system designed to be useful for K-12 schools. It can be used to manage classroom activities, track or record student information, and interact with parents. It also streamlines the enrollment process and reduces paperwork. It can also be used to provide occasional reports on students.

ParentSquare– ParentSquare is a tool that increases parent involvement in school management and planning by providing a safe and secure platform for parent-educator correspondence. It helps to maintain a tightly knit, proactive group of educational stakeholders by offering two-way group messaging, private chats, area-wide alerts and announcements, and a simple user interface. ParentSquare brings parents from silent spectators in their children’s education to more active participants by establishing an open, two-way communication channel between them and their children’s educators.

PCR Educator Admissions – This system was designed to streamline the process of student enrollment. PCR Educator Admissions is a management system, which is also capable of handling other aspects of school management such a billing, fundraising, payments, and so on.

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