Learning Analytics Apps, Tools, and Resources That I Would Use If I Were Still in the Classroom

Back in 2001, when I started as a teacher, the technology boom was in its nascent stage. I remember toting a large bag filled with papers home most nights and going to sleep drowning under a vast sea of student homework that needed grading. My classroom was even worse, cluttered with books, manipulatives, globes, maps, and learning stations that left little room for anything else. However, as I write this in 2018, things have changed dramatically. Today’s teachers have edtech in their corners.

Digital teaching and learning tools have streamlined education processes and provide learning experiences that stretch far beyond the materials that were available for me back in 2001. Back then, if I wanted to analyze student data, I would have to search through each child’s cumulative folder, which could be up to 9 inches thick. Then I had to track down the information that I needed for each child and crunch the data using a calculator to perform advanced statistical measures. Trust me; this is not a fun way to spend your weekend.

Nowadays, learning analytics apps can find the data that you need, make the proper calculations, and provide you with the statistical outputs that you need. This all can be done with just a few clicks, instead of an entire weekend. Thank God for progress. If I were still in the classroom today, I’d use these learning analytics apps, tools, and resources:

Newsela: Newsela offers a personalized learning approach with various assessments, annotated documents, and writing prompts worked throughout. It is suitable for all subject matter with the adaptive reading material in every area. Learning analytics are easily accessible by the teacher to demonstrate the overall comprehension of the student and the completion of the assignments.

Digital Learning Software – This is a custom digital learning solution for K-12, higher education, professional education, and organizations with advanced analytics and integration. SMART Notebook comes with several lesson creation and delivery features, connecting you to a full ecosystem of content, tools, and support.

Junyo– Junyo’s learning tools helps the teacher to understand the student’s interests, needs, and abilities better. We can help you to improve the student’s learning, increase classroom efficacy, and increase motivation through our analytics technology, which is for businesses in the educational sector. We love education, data, and learning improvements which is why we run a classroom-facing tool called Junyo Streams.

RealizeIt: This platform offers personalized and adaptive learning to students with real-time feedback for educators. The learning analytics within the RealizeIt program gives you immediate insight into a student’s overall knowledge, progress, and achievement. Teachers can take advantage of more than 150 courses in a variety of subject areas.

Bolt Spark LMS – This learning management system features powerful analytics, a translation system, compliance management, and user verification. Bolt allows you to create and share custom e-learning modules, signable documents, event invitations, and assessments. The app provides in-depth analysis of reports, with pictorial comparisons between employees at the same level.

Knewton: Knewton offers unique programs that are designed to help students reach their maximum potential. It uses learning analytics to track a student’s past performance and create a personalized experience moving forward. The provide the course material for teachers, offering suggestions about which areas to study and which topics to reinforce during classroom instruction time.

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