Learning Apps for 19-year olds

Are you looking for learning apps, tools, and resources that you can use with 19-year olds? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

3D Molecules Edit & Test Interactive Simulations– Helps high school or college chemistry students learn by building 3-D models of organic and inorganic compounds for simple practice or for 3-D printing. Molecules can be viewed in 3-D using the stick, ball, and stick and space-filling (CPK) models. 

Code Avengers– This platform teaches advanced levels of students to program using real code. It includes immersive courses that teach web and app development as well as languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Teachers get real-time feedback, alerting them to areas where students might require assistance. It is most useful for students at the high school and higher levels who want to learn to program.  

Albert– Albert is an online tool to help students prepare for AP (Advanced Placement) and standardized tests. Albert includes over 20,000 questions, all with in-depth explanations and answers so that a student can master every question. In alignment with College Board, Albert is one of only a few fully updated resources for test prep. Thousands of students have used Albert and have increased their test scores, proving its effectiveness.

PrepMe– Academic success requires more than just working hard; it involves working smart. Improve your test scores by consistently practicing test questions specially designed for you. Use PrepMe to provide a unique approach to ACT®, SAT®, and PSAT®test preparation, using customized tests tailored to shore up your weaknesses while considering the amount of time you have before your exam date arrives.

Bubba brain– This site provides revision games for students preparing to take the SAT and AP exams. There is also something for elementary and middle school kids. The game uses the single system of matching words to definitions; selecting the right answer leads you to the next question.

CK-12– Helps students and teachers to improve elementary learning worldwide by making personal education tools available. Learn more than 5,000 math and science topics at a speed that suits you. Math topics include arithmetic, measurement, algebra, geometry, probability, statistics, trigonometry, analysis, and calculus. Science subjects include geography, life science, physical science, biology, chemistry, and physics. Other subjects include SAT exam prep, engineering, technology, astronomy, English, and history.

Magoosh– Testing, quizzing, and cramming are all difficult parts of any student’s life in school. Magoosh helps students prepare for tests by offering practice questions, video explanations, and lesson videos. Teachers will be able to understand where students make mistakes so they can help them learn. Students will also get feedback and be able to determine which topics and questions they should spend most of their time studying. With helpful support, Magoosh will get you to get the best test scores you have ever gotten in topics from math to language.

Play Brighter– This game requires you to answer questions to progress and earn coins. Over 20,000 questions are available; you can also create custom question banks to assess your skills or prepare for a test. Excellent performance is rewarded with in-game currency that you can use to customize your avatar.

QuizletFlashcards– This is a mode of the Quizlet app that allows students to use customized digital flashcards or choose from the 150 million flashcards created by other students. Students can choose from several modes to study with the flashcards including, multiple choice tests and study games. The possibilities are endless; the student can customize their flashcards using images and audio, or they can use this app to study on dozens of other quizlet apps. Quizlet flashcards are available for high school students, college students, grad students, and more. 

Coursera– This app is designed to help college students make the right choices when it is time to decide what courses they want to take in college. It helps to prevent waste of money. It also helps with the elimination of the course they don’t have interest in by providing free online courses beforehand. 

Udacity– Udacity is an online learning environment for university-level classes at a fraction of the cost of a traditional university. With a focus on Artificial Intelligence, technology, and business, all Udacity classes are hands-on and interactive. To help graduates succeed in their chosen careers, class projects are designed to mimic real-world activities and can be easily included in portfolios for future job searches. Udacity also provides career assistance to graduates, including resume reviews and interview prep.

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