Literacy Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for literacy apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

Whooo’s Reading – The goal of Whooo’s Reading is accelerated reading comprehension and improved writing skills. By using open-ended questions instead of the standard true/false and multiple-choice style, students are required to think independently about texts. The Whooo’s Reading program automatically reminds students to improve their writing by asking them to cite evidence or answer all the parts of a question. Teachers can monitor student’s reading with automatic quiz results, graded by the Whooo’s Reading app, available in the teacher dashboard. To increase student motivation, students earn Wisdom Coins for reading and writing. These can be spent on accessories and items for their Owlvatars (owl avatars).

BiblioNasium– A website exclusively for children between the ages of 6 and 13. It aims to promote the reading habit among children. Equipped with peer and parental controls, it presents an effective and stimulating program for the user. Using this app, you can adapt reading to fit the child’s needs, monitor his/her reading log, and help the child explore a variety of reading genres. Reading data is saved online and is always accessible.

Curriculet  This reading platform aims at overhauling and changing the way children study and the way teachers teach. Programmed questions and instructions pop up while a child is reading a text from the class. Using this tool, teachers can personalize the reading experience for their students; it also helps them to create and share the contents of their study digitally.

Kids A-Z– Children can select from a library of eQuizzes, eBooks, and hundreds of developmentally appropriate eResources by using the Kids A-Z mobile app. Students can complete corresponding quizzes to improve their comprehension skills and use interactive annotation tools that aid in the development of close reading skills. Kids A-Z mobile app is a must-have for kids that have access to Raz-Kids, Science A-Z, Headsprout, or Raz-plus.

Teach Your Monster to Read – In Teach Your Monster to Read, children can create a monster and take it on an adventure through a magical world while learning to read. The game starts at the most basic building blocks of reading, such as letter recognition and letter-sound matching, and progresses all the way to reading full sentences. Teach Your Monster to Read was developed to complement in-class synthetic phonics programs and can be used by students in the classroom or independently at home. The website also includes an interactive teacher’s toolkit with additional games, classroom activities, and resources. The web version is free to use through a grant by The Usborne Foundation, but there is also an app version for purchase.

The Joy of Reading – Designed to support early reading, The Joy of Reading includes nine multi-level games with explicit instruction in phonics and phonemic awareness. The Joy of Reading includes these foundational skills, which are all aligned to Kindergarten Common Core State Standards: phonemic awareness, letter tracing, letter recognition, rhyming and blending sounds, differentiation of long and short vowel sounds, spelling, recognition of compound words, recollection of common high-frequency words, and reading emergent-reader texts with fluency. There are three different game modes for teachers or parents to choose from, including a guided learning path, free play, and practice with specific words in the ABC dictionary. This app can be used as an early preparatory tool at home or as a complement to in-class instruction.

FunBrain– FunBrain comes with hundreds of free interactive books, videos, games, and printed material that help kids from Pre-K to 8 years old develop and master math, literacy, problem-solving, and reading skills. Vital skills and subject areas such as fractions, addition, shapes, and vowel sounds are included in each book, game, and video to give parents and educators a sense of confidence in the learning process.

Imagine Learning– Imagine Learning provides award-winning educational software to thousands of students around the globe. It provides a solution to literacy and language issues. Imagine Learning provides students with individual instruction on various activities, particularly designed to meet their personal needs and provide a real outcome. The essence of our business is to find solutions to our customers’ issues.

Lexia PowerUp Literacy– Lexia® PowerUp Literacy™ is made for middle school students to help them master their reading skills. Working with typical reading lessons, teachers can use this app to fill in learning gaps, allowing students to practice skills such as comprehension, analyzation, evaluation, and comparison. It allows for online and offline activity, to be available for all students’ learning needs and activity levels. This can be used in combination with Lexia® Core5® Reading and Lexia® RAPID™ Assessment to optimize reading experiences and reading groups in schools.

Literacy Assessment Online– Literacy Assessment Online is a browser-based tool that can be used to track students’ reading progress. Testing typically takes up a lot of time and energy from both teachers and students, but not anymore. The teacher can track literacy standards quickly and easily with Literacy Assessment Online. Whether tracking reading speed, word accuracy, reading comprehension, main idea identification, plot review, character analysis, or any skill, teachers can get immediate feedback on how each student is doing. Having this information readily available helps classes to keep improving and allows teachers to figure out what is and is not working for their pupils.

Phonics Genius– Learning phonics is not just limited to kindergarten children; it is a continuous process that requires reinforcement in the early elementary levels. This app teaches fluency in addition to basic letter sounds; it features over 6,000 words categorized by sounds. Language proficiency and literacy are developed by creating phonic awareness, something that Phonics Genius well. The objective of this game is to help students learn to identify words by their sound.

Science A-Z– Science A-Z guarantees that educators have the resources needed to develop a student’s science knowledge and practices. It also assists in learning essential literacy skills drawing on thousands of resources to educate students on core science ideas and practices. This platform offers multilevel books to distinguish reading instruction, hands-on experiments, and projects that utilize science concepts.

Sound Literacy – Sound Literacy is an instructional tool for building literacy, including phonemic awareness, phonological processing, and morphemic word building. It is primarily meant to be used by a teacher or tutor with the student as no themes or concept packages are included. The app is composed of letter tiles, blank tiles, and all common spelling patterns. Specially designed spelling ladders allow students to build and compare phonemes. Also included are phoneme maps, the ability to customize tilesets, and popovers that indicate various ways to spell each phoneme from most to least common. Sound Literacy is a valuable addition to any word study program or literacy time.

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