Messaging Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for messaging apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your school community? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

Chatzy– This social messaging analog provides a safe, instant messaging platform for students. It does not require any sign-up process; it is simply “plug and play.” It works on all browsers and does not require any plug-ins to function. You simply create a virtual chatroom for your students to interact and develop together. Available in multiple languages.

ChildWatch – ChildWatch provides monthly cloud-based childcare management services for PC, Mac, or mobile devices. It offers solutions for businesses of all sizes; services include QuickBooks compatibility, employee time clock, messaging and events calendar, electronic payments, portable meal capture, and more.

Class Messenger Communication Utilities– This is an interactive app for back-and-forth communication between parents and teachers. It contains seven features that help to foster the communication process. Messages can be scheduled to be resent to parents at specific times to enforce your message. Intelligent Messaging feature sorts parents who need to be reminded of activities such as volunteering and making donations while omitting parents who have already responded.

Classting– Classting is an interactive social media app that allows direct communication between teachers, students, and parents. Pictures, documents, and videos can be shared in the common classroom virtual environment. Private messaging is also supported for communication between students or from parents to teachers. You can also send push notifications and text messages to parents and students.

EdOptim – This system helps to increase parent engagement for schools, after-school, and preschool programs. Supports school management, integrations, and scheduling; features include text messaging and parental involvement. You can schedule online classes, ask for a review, and share feedback.

Edureck – This is a cloud-based solution for school management. Features include accounting, student enrollment, and messaging systems.

eShiksa Service Management Portal – This portal allows for the smooth running of the administrative duties of an institution. It features an easy user-interface and an in-app messaging system. It also allows you to have your own branded portal and mobile app.

Join Our Class – This app offers a free school directory, packed with smart features that help parents and teachers to engage students. It has three main elements: Free Directory, Sign-Ups and Messaging, and Parent Portal. The parent portal has an intuitive dashboard that allows parents to go through photo galleries to find specific pictures.

Kannu – Kannu is a cloud-based learning management system, which uses tools such as media libraries, direct messaging, and user portfolios to achieve digital learning. With the use of active learning tools and management tools, Kannu allows users to have customized courses, which are essential for a creation and reiteration system. The platform makes use of responsive media on desktop and mobile devices to enhance the user’s experience. The platform also includes Kannu’s analytics, which gives actionable insight into how users interact with the platform and reports that help the user measure success.

Kaymbu–  Kaymbu is a family engagement and classroom documentation tool built specifically for early education programs. The platform allows educators to engage parents in their children’s learning experience by sharing photos, videos, and anecdotes from the classroom. The messaging system used is secure and private.

Masterstudy LMS – The primary use of this software is as an online education system built for WordPress. The software comes with nine unique demos that are fully customizable by the user to provide the type of services that suits their need. The platform has a powerful admin panel, messaging system, teacher announcement system, quizzes, and results; it can manage learners’ progress and award badges and certificates. It has a user-friendly interface and options that allow customization.

ParentSquare– ParentSquare is a tool that increases parent involvement in school management and planning by providing a safe and secure platform for parent-educator correspondence. It helps to maintain a tightly knit, proactive group of educational stakeholders by offering two-way group messaging, private chats, area-wide alerts and announcements, and a simple user interface. ParentSquare brings parents from silent spectators in their children’s education to more active participants by establishing an open, two-way communication channel between them and their children’s educators.

Signal Vine – This is an intelligent two-way text messaging platform that allows users to personalize communication with students. Signal Vine’s Blended Messaging® approach enables you to connect CRM or SIS data to segment and personalize student communication. With Signal Vine, you can automate your messages and responses to save time while quickly identifying those responses that require an individual approach.

Slack – Slack provides a single place for messaging, file sharing, and one-on-one and group conversations. Paired with a powerful search feature that allows anyone with permission to access past conversations and files, Slack allows schools to save time and communicate more effectively. It can sync across all your devices and integrates seamlessly with over 1,500 apps.

Smart KG: Kindergarten/Preschool Management System – This is a kindergarten management tool that enables nursery administration through teacher login, flexible reports, and more. The tool is web-based, so it can be accessed anywhere using a secure user id and password; the integrated mobile application runs on iPhone and Android. Other features include a separate login for teachers, principals, and administrators, student registration and fee collection.

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