More Than Mickey: 20 Great Educational Disney+ Shows

Disney+ offers much more than just Mickey Mouse and princesses. With a diverse range of educational shows, the streaming platform has become a valuable resource for children and even adults. Whether it’s science, history, or life lessons, Disney+ has something for everyone. Here are 20 great educational Disney+ shows that you don’t want to miss:

  1. “Brain Games”- This interactive series explores the fascinating world of the human brain and its abilities.
  1. “National Geographic Explorer”- Join Nat Geo explorers as they uncover the wonders of our planet and educate viewers on various environmental topics.
  1. “Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom”- Get an inside look at the dedicated animal care experts and the incredible creatures they care for at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.
  1. “The Imagineering Story”- Embark on a journey behind the scenes of Disney’s theme parks and learn about the artistry and innovation that brings them to life.
  1. “Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks”- Follow skilled fishermen as they brave the treacherous waters off the coast of North Carolina in pursuit of the elusive bluefin tuna.
  1. “X-Ray Earth”- Explore the Earth’s geological wonders and discover how they shape our planet.
  1. “Earth to Ned”- Join Ned, a blue-skinned alien, as he interviews top celebrities and learns about human culture.
  1. “Amazing Planet”- Dive into the natural world and witness the incredible forces that have shaped our planet over millions of years.
  2. “Race to the Center of the Earth”- Follow four teams as they compete in a global adventure race, showcasing the world’s most stunning landscapes.
  1. “Apollo: Missions to the Moon”- Experience the historic Apollo missions and learn about the incredible achievements of NASA’s Apollo program.
  1. “Marvel’s Hero Project”- Meet real-life young heroes who are making a positive impact in their communities.
  1. “The World According to Jeff Goldblum”- Join Jeff Goldblum as he explores the fascinating stories behind everyday objects.
  1. “Shop Class”- Watch young builders compete in design and construction challenges, showcasing their creativity and problem-solving skills.
  1. “One Strange Rock”- Marvel at the Earth’s extraordinary ecosystems and the interconnectedness of life on our planet.
  1. “The Imagineering Toolbox”- Learn the secrets of Walt Disney Imagineering as experts share their creative processes.
  1. “Disney Insider”- Get an exclusive look at the latest Disney news, projects, and behind-the-scenes magic.
  1. “Titans of the Ice Age”- Travel back in time to the Ice Age and encounter majestic creatures like mammoths and saber-toothed cats.
  1. “Disney Family Sundays”- Join host Amber Kemp-Gerstel as she shows families how to create Disney-inspired crafts and DIY projects.
  1. “Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted”- Chef Gordon Ramsay explores diverse culinary cultures around the world and learns about traditional cooking methods.
  1. “Lost Treasures of the Maya”- Journey into the ancient world of the Maya civilization and uncover their secrets.

These educational shows on Disney+ offer not only entertainment but also valuable knowledge and insights. So, the next time you’re browsing for something to watch, consider these 20 great educational Disney+ shows that will both entertain and enlighten you.

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