Our Favorite Videos for Teaching Poetry in Elementary School


Poetry is a beautiful art form that allows children to express their thoughts, feelings, and creativity. Introducing elementary school students to poetry can be an exciting yet challenging task. This is where videos come into play, making learning more interactive and engaging. We have compiled a list of our favorite videos for teaching poetry in elementary school. These videos are perfect for helping educators create memorable lessons that will inspire young minds to explore the world of poetry.

1. Haiku – “The Singing Dogs” by Flocabulary

This fun video introduces students to the world of Haiku – a traditional Japanese poetry form containing three lines with 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively. The catchy rap song features animated singing dogs who teach kids about the structure and essence of Haiku poetry while also providing examples to inspire their own creations.

2. What is Poetry? – BrainPOP Jr.

This interactive video explains the basics of poetry to young learners, defining key terms such as rhyme, rhythm, stanzas and lines. Aimed at children in grades K-3, the adorable animated characters discuss various poetic elements while offering simple examples to help students understand the concept.

3. Limericks with Jack Prelutsky – Scholastic

Jack Prelutsky, America’s first Children’s Poet Laureate, offers an engaging video introducing the limerick – a humorous five-line poem with a distinctive rhythm and rhyme scheme. Students are captivated as Jack explains how limericks work while sharing his amazing talent for making up funny and clever limericks on-the-spot.

4. “Percy Runs Away” Thomas & Friends – Visualizing Poetry

Combining visuals from the beloved children’s series Thomas & Friends with an engaging narration of Rev. W Awdry’s poem “Percy Runs Away”, this video encourages students to visualize and connect with poetry. It serves as a great example of how poetry can be brought to life through accompanying imagery.

5. Shel Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree” Animated Narration

This beautifully animated version of Shel Silverstein’s classic poem, “The Giving Tree,” provides an excellent opportunity for children to listen to and connect with the heartfelt story. As they follow the relationship between a boy and a generous tree, students will learn about themes such as love, sacrifice, and the passage of time.


These five videos represent just a small sample of the creative and engaging resources available for teaching poetry in elementary school. By incorporating videos into your lessons, you can create lasting impressions on young minds and inspire a love for poetry that will last a lifetime. Delve into these visual tools, and watch your students’ imaginations soar!

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