Persuasive Writing Teaching Resources

Persuasion is an essential skill that is applicable not just in academic settings but also in everyday life. Teaching students how to write persuasively is a critical part of developing their communication skills. Here are some persuasive writing teaching resources that educators can use to effectively teach this form of writing.

1. Textbook Chapters on Rhetoric: Textbooks that focus on rhetoric often have entire chapters dedicated to persuasive writing. They include definitions, examples, and exercises to build students’ understanding of persuasive techniques.

2. Online Workshops or Webinars: Many educational websites and organizations offer online workshops or webinars focused on teaching persuasive writing. These resources often provide strategies for structuring arguments, understanding the audience, and using rhetorical appeals.

3. Interactive Writing Platforms: Websites with interactive tools allow students to practice constructing their persuasive essays in a step-by-step process, receiving feedback along the way.

4. Lesson Plan Databases: Educational resources such as ReadWriteThink or Teachers Pay Teachers contain lesson plans that educators can customize to fit their specific classroom needs.

5. Persuasive Essay Prompts: Providing students with engaging and topical writing prompts can spark their interest in crafting persuasive arguments about issues they care about.

6. Peer Review Guidelines: To hone their persuasive skills, students benefit from peer review sessions where they can give and receive feedback based on set guidelines focusing on argument strength, clarity, and effectiveness.

7. Argumentative Writing Models: Showing students exemplar essays with strong persuasive elements can serve as a model for their writing endeavors.

8. Writing Rubrics: Rubrics specifically tailored to assess persuasive writing help students understand the essential components of successful persuasive essays and how to improve their work.

9. Debate Clubs or Competitions: Participation in debate activities allows students to practice forming and articulating arguments in a real-time setting, enhancing their persuasive writing by understanding practical application.

These resources are an excellent starting block for educators aiming to teach effective persuasive writing skills in an engaging manner that stimulates students’ abilities to argue convincingly and thoughtfully.

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