Surprising Spring Trivia for Kids

Easter and Candy

  1. How many Peeps are sold each year? About 700 Million
  2. When did people start decorating eggs for Easter? The 1300s
  3. How many chocolate bunnies are made each year? 90 million
  4. The most popular Easter candy in 2020 was? Chocolate peanut butter eggs!
  5. Americans eat 16 million of these candies during Easter: Jelly beans

Spring Around the World

  1. What are the three major religious holidays celebrated in April? Ramadan, Passover, and Easter
  2. In Japan, which flower signals the start of spring? Cherry Blossom
  3. Which Indian holiday marks the beginning of spring with a festival of colors? Holi
  4. Some European countries carve butter into which spring animal? A lamb!
  5. The Thai spring festival Songkran features the world’s most giant _____ fight: Water!

Spring Weather 

  1. Which state gets the most rain in spring? Hawaii
  2. True/False: Tornadoes are most common in spring: TRUE
  3. What are the spring months in Australia? September to November
  4. How much sunlight do we get each day during spring? 12 hours
  5. What is the sunniest month of spring? May

Spring Nature 

  1. What causes most spring allergies? Blooming trees
  2. Why do so many birds sing in spring? They are trying to find a mate
  3. How many Tulips bloom in the Netherlands each spring? More than 7 million
  4. Which insect visits 2,000 flowers each day? Bees

Which spring month do butterflies hatch? March & April

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