Teacher Evaluation Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for teacher evaluation apps, tools, and resources that you can use? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

eTeacher – This is a classroom walk-through and teacher evaluation system that can be used to track the teacher growth process. This platform can be used to teach the teachers and to keep track of their performance in the classroom. The system can be customized to suit user needs.

EzTraxx – This software is designed to offer professional development, graduate study/tuition reimbursement, and online training and teacher evaluation processes. This app saves time, slashes costs, and enables data-driven decision-making.

Whetstone Education – A streamlined classroom observation software platform, Whetstone Education allows administrators to keep classroom observation notes, next steps, and weekly meeting agendas all in one place. With easy-to-use communication tools, administrators can conveniently share data and feedback with teachers and coaches. Whetstone Education also has built-in reporting features that make it easy to see each teacher’s professional growth needs to target coaching and professional development.

Teach Boost – Teach Boost is a platform for teachers and administrators to assist in providing feedback and teacher evaluations. It is designed to foster effective educators and improve student outcomes. There are three segments in the Teach Boost program: Observations and Evaluations, Coaching and Mentorship, and Professional Development. Observations and Evaluations allow administrators to customize forms, rubrics, and observation cycles and streamline the overall evaluation process to fit the needs of the school. Coaching and Mentorship help develop sustainable coaching and mentoring programs through customized coaching engagements. It helps eliminate paperwork and simplifies scheduling. The Professional Development segment is a hub for schools to manage, document, and share professional development resources.

Merittrac – This is a customizable assessment system designed for businesses in the corporate sector, educational institutions, and government bodies. This web-based assessment system provides comprehensive assessments necessary for hiring the right talent for the client’s business/organization. Users can access the tests at anywhere and anytime. This system helps to identify skill gaps and leadership skills with the use of its technology-driven assessments; the tools also evaluates the candidate’s English and comprehension skills.

Motivate Cloud – Motivate Cloud is a cloud-based platform that makes use of a library of customizable interactive games to reinforce training contents, which could include slides, videos, and audio files. It also features the ability to evaluate employee knowledge on the given content with its customizable and interactive game library. It features the use of a simple user interface and administrative portal, powerful reporting, seamless integration, human support, and flexible pricing.

SimplyDigi LMS – SimplyDigi offers products and online learning solutions that engage and make online learning easy and accessible across any industry platform. With this system, users can operate their own state-of-the-art, branded, web-based, online learning portal. SimplyDigi gives clients the online tools they need to increase employee performance; lower error rates; enhance communication; and manage, track, evaluate, and refine all online learning content.


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