Teacher Gear We Love: 3 Cool Robotics Kits

As technology advances and becomes omnipresent in our lives, the importance of teaching STEM subjects in schools grows. Robotics kits offer an engaging and hands-on way to introduce students to coding, engineering, and problem-solving skills. Teachers have a variety of options when it comes to choosing robotics kits for their classrooms, and here are three of our favorites:


LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 is a widely popular robotics kit that combines the familiar brick-building experience with programming and engineering concepts. With its diverse array of sensors — such as touch, infrared, and color — along with various motors, students can create a range of robots and bring them to life using customizable programming language or the available drag-and-drop interface. Teachers can find an extensive library of teaching resources that align with national standards for a seamless integration into the classroom.

2. Makeblock mBot Robot Kit

Makeblock mBot Robot Kit is a budget-friendly option built using an aluminum chassis and Arduino technology. Assembling the kit is a breeze, even for students as young as eight years old. Once assembled, the mBot offers many learning opportunities thanks to its ultrasonic, infrared, and light sensors. Additionally, the Scratch-based programming software allows students to create intricate code sequences while learning computational thinking. The compatibility with Makeblock extensions also enables further exploration in robotics and engineering.

3. VEX Robotics EDR V5 Classroom Starter Kit

The VEX Robotics EDR V5 Classroom Starter Kit meets the needs of educators focusing on teaching more advanced STEM skills to middle school or high school students. The kit encompasses over 850 components suitable for creating large-scale robots with complex mechanisms and programmable behavior. It features a powerful processing system supporting multi-tasking/command execution while maintaining user-friendly coding through its VEXcode software suite. The VEX curriculum provides teachers with engaging teaching materials that can be easily adapted to various levels of student competence.

In conclusion, robotics kits such as LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3, Makeblock mBot Robot Kit, and the VEX Robotics EDR V5 Classroom Starter Kit cater to different learning requirements and budgets. These kits not only make learning STEM concepts fun and interactive but also help students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. As a teacher, choosing any of these three cool robotics kits is an excellent way to support your students on their journey towards becoming technologically adept global citizens.

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