TEACHER QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Student Slang?



As a teacher, staying connected with your students and understanding their language can greatly improve communication and rapport. However, with the ever-evolving world of student slang, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest terms and expressions. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of student slang and see how well you can decipher their language!

Quiz Questions:

  1. What does “lit” mean?

a) A source of light

b) Exciting or amazing

c) A type of literature

d) A unit of measurement

  1. When someone says “on fleek,” they mean:

a) Someone is looking tired

b) Something smells bad

c) Something is perfect or flawless

d) Something is outdated

  1. If a student says “YOLO,” what are they expressing?

a) A polite gesture

b) A request for help

c) The importance of studying

d) The idea of living in the moment

  1. What does “bae” stand for?

a) Best and excellent

b) Before anyone else

c) Bold and extraordinary

d) Boring and exhausted

  1. When a student says “TBH,” they are:

a) Talking about their pet

b) Expressing gratitude

c) Sharing their opinion honestly

d) Referring to a recent movie


Now that you’ve completed the TEACHER QUIZ on student slang, take a moment to reflect on how well you did. By understanding and embracing student slang, you can foster stronger connections with your students and create a more inclusive and welcoming learning environment. Remember, language is constantly evolving, so staying open-minded and adaptable is essential. Keep up the good work and continue to stay tuned for new student slang terms!

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