Teaching Students About Parenthesis

Definition: Parenthesis Punctuation

A parenthesis is a word, phrase, or sentence inserted into writing as extra information using brackets, commas, or dashes. If the parenthesis is taken away, the passage would still be complete without it – it’s an afterthought or bonus. The plural is a parenthesis.

Parenthesis is excellent for adding extra information to your writing that might not be essential, but you think it is valuable anyway.

What is an example of parenthesis?

Take a look at these example sentences to see the parenthesis at work.

  • Please read the analysis (I hope you enjoy it).
  • Joe (accompanied by his trusty Bassett hound dog) was always welcome.
  • When he got home (it was already dark outside), he fixed dinner.
  • You are late for class again (aren’t you?).
  • My friend Chloe (three months older than me) is coming to my house tonight.
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