The Eight Traits of Conversation

When it comes to conversation, there are several key qualities that make it good. First and foremost, conversations should be enjoyable. Participants should be able to laugh and feel comfortable talking to each other. It should also be informational and helpful. People should be able to learn something from each other and it should flow smoothly.

Lastly, conversations should be interactive. People should be able to ask questions and participate in the conversation.

Many qualities make conversation good. Here are eight:

  1. It is engaging. Conversations are interesting when both parties are engaged. When one party is only focused on what they want to say, the conversation becomes dry and boring.
  2. It is participatory. When both parties are engaged in the conversation, they are both taking part in it. This makes the conversation more enjoyable for both parties.
  3. It is constructive. Conversations are constructive when both parties are trying to reach a common goal. If one party is only trying to attack the other, the conversation becomes destructive and will not result in anything productive.
  4. It is polite. Conversations are polite when both parties are treating each other with respect. This means that they are not attacking or insulting each other.
  5. It is impartial. Conversations are impartial when both parties are looking out for the best interest of the other. They are not trying to win the conversation for themselves.
  6. It is truthful. Conversations are truthful when both parties are sharing their honest thoughts and feelings. If one party is hiding something, the conversation will not be as accurate.
  7. It is timely. Conversations are timely when they are relevant to the current situation. If the topic is from years ago, it is not as relevant.
  8. It is sincere. Conversations are sincere when both parties are actually trying to communicate with each other. They are not just talking for the sake of talking.
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