This Free Internet Safety Game from Google Gets Rave Reviews from Teachers


In today’s digital age, ensuring the safety of children online has become a top priority for parents and educators alike. That’s why Google’s innovative free internet safety game has become an indispensable tool in teaching young minds how to navigate the World Wide Web responsibly. This powerful application has garnered nothing but praise from teachers all over the globe.

Google’s Internet Safety Game: “Interland”

Interland is an interactive and educational game created by Google that teaches internet safety through a fun, virtual world experience. Players explore four different areas, representing key aspects of online safety:

1. Reality River – Aims to teach players about phishing emails, scams, and how to evaluate information found online.

2. Mindful Mountain – Focuses on building good online habits, sharing information wisely and thinking critically before posting or sharing anything.

3. Tower of Treasure – Teaches players about creating strong passwords and protecting their personal information.

4. Kind Kingdom – Encourages empathy and positivity in online interaction, helping kids learn about cyberbullying prevention.

Rave Reviews from Teachers

Educators have embraced Interland as a highly effective tool for teaching youngsters essential internet safety concepts. Here are some reasons why teachers are giving it rave reviews:

Engaging & Interactive Learning: The game’s playful design captures students’ attention while allowing them to learn critical safety skills in an engaging environment, fostering long-term retention of important concepts.

Easy Integration into Curriculum: Teachers have found that integrating Interland into their lesson plans has been incredibly seamless. The comprehensive resources provided by Google alongside Interland, such as lesson plans and activity sheets, make it adaptable for various age groups and educational settings.

Relevant & Timely Topics: Interland addresses real-world internet issues that children face daily when browsing the web or using social media platforms. This real-time relevance makes it indispensable in preparing students for the online world.


Google’s free Internet Safety game, Interland, has captured the hearts of teachers and students alike. With its engaging design, ability to tackle essential internet safety lessons, and compatibility with various educational settings, it’s no wonder educators are singing its praises. Interland serves as an exceptional tool to promote a safer online experience for children in an increasingly digital era.

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