Want to learn all about Buddhism? Take a look at these fantastic top 10 facts about Buddhism to wow your friends:

  1. Buddhism originated in India.
  2. This world religion is over 2,500 years old and is practiced by over half a billion people.
  3. Buddhism is based on the teachings of a spiritual leader called ‘the Buddha’ or ‘the Awakened One.’
  4. The Buddha was born in Lumbini, part of northern India, but is now part of Nepal.
  5. Buddhism teaches people to lead moral life and be aware of their thoughts and behavior.
  6. Buddhists thank Buddha for his teachings. They believe he is perfectly enlightened without anger or hatred and is the wisest and most kind-hearted person in this world who spent his life teaching.
  7. The statue of Buddha reminds Buddhists of loving kindness, wisdom, and compassion.
  8. Buddhists try to behave well through life, believing in karma. Bad behavior in the present creates more suffering in the future, so if we want to reduce future suffering, we need to be positive in our thoughts and actions.
  9. The main aim of Buddhism is to achieve enlightenment. We would then be experiencing complete joy and compassion, and helping others and leading a moral life would be no effort.
  10. Buddhism is a very tolerant and kind religion that respects the beliefs and ways of others.
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